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Uncle Roger’s ‘Ukraine Tour Dates’ Joke Fell Flat, Netizens Say It’s Offensive And Distasteful

Uncle Roger’s ‘Ukraine Tour Dates’ Joke Fell Flat, Netizens Say It’s Offensive And Distasteful

Uncle Roger tried to promote his HAIYAA World Tour with humour but the reception was cold.

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Malaysian food comedy critic persona Uncle Roger’s recent joke fell flat among netizens online.

Uncle Roger, who is currently on his HAIYAA World Tour Talk Show, promoted his show in a tweet on 24 February and jokingly said he’ll be adding Ukraine tour dates too.

He ended the tweet by telling his followers to stay tuned for more announcements and updates.

His jokes did not amuse netizens at the moment due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

They find that his joke was unsympathetic and offensive to the plight of Ukrainians who did not ask for a war. They also took a screenshot of his tweets as proof.

To add salt to the wound, Uncle Roger didn’t offer a proper apology but a half-hearted statement.

Instead, he wrote, “Oops! Sometimes what’s funny in your head isn’t that funny in real life” and promoted his podcast.

A few netizens defended Uncle Roger and said it’s called dark humour.

However, some who disagreed provided arguments why it was wrong to call it dark humour and said the others should find better jokes.

A few netizens accepted his statement as an apology but some believe it does not constitute one.

Some of them felt that Uncle Roger’s ‘apology’ was as bad as the joke and did not show his understanding of why his joke was in bad taste.

They believe the least Uncle Roger could do is to say he’s sorry instead of sending a half-hearted tweet to acknowledge his mistake.

A listener of Uncle Roger’s Rice To Meet You podcast said they were not surprised to see him getting criticised.

They added that it was only a matter of time before he gets cancelled.

One thing is for sure; Uncle Roger should learn from this experience and maybe run his jokes in his close circle first.

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