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Are You Underpaid? Head Over To This Malaysian IG Page To Check And Compare

Are You Underpaid? Head Over To This Malaysian IG Page To Check And Compare

The Instagram page @malaysianpaygap sparked a debate about salary gaps and transparency.

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Employers in Malaysia are named as one of the stingiest paymasters in the whole of Southeast Asia when it comes to paying employee salaries, according to Utusan Malaysia.

The issue of salary disparity isn’t new in Malaysia but the recent news spurred an Instagram page to be set up so Malaysians can anonymously share their salary amount and avoid being underpaid.

The Instagram page @malaysianpaygap shares details such as the job scope, position, age, duration in the field, salary details, race, gender, academic qualifications and more so other people can check if they are receiving the pay they should get.

Anyone is welcome to send in information anonymously and the messages will be deleted once posted.

The page has quickly earned a large number of followers with 10.9k followers and counting.

Although it was once taboo to share your salary details, people are seemingly starting to realise that keeping their salary details confidential benefits only the employers.

Hopefully, the Instagram page will encourage pay transparency so Malaysians can advocate for better wages for themselves. It’s about time.

Netizens praised the anonymous founders of the page for helping fellow Malaysians to get their due pay.

Thanks to this page, some people found out that the people they know were really underpaid.

Another netizen suggested employers share their salary details next because some of them are grossly overpaid while their employees try to make ends meet.

Having an Instagram page like @malaysianpaygap is just the start in the fight for better pay. Hopefully, something worthwhile will come out of it.

Meanwhile, AEON Co and AEON BiG were recently praised for raising the minimum wage to RM1,500 from RM1,100 ahead of the government’s mandate.

While it’s not a huge amount for some people, the salary increase helps alleviate their employees’ living costs.

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