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Watch Out For This Roadside Robbery Trick, Call The Police But Don’t Stop

Watch Out For This Roadside Robbery Trick, Call The Police But Don’t Stop

This trick has been used to rob unsuspecting victims who only wanted to help.

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When times are hard, scammers take the opportunity to prey on unsuspecting victims just to make some quick cash.

The modus operandi of these scams is usually done via phone calls to intimidate and trick victims into giving out their personal details to access bank accounts.

Recently, a TikTok user @sfwn_srf uploaded a video that showed another popular trick used by scammers and robbers.

While driving on a quiet street around 1.30am on 15 February 2022, he saw a car in the distance. As he drove closer, he saw a woman lying down on the road seemingly pretending to have fainted and was in need of help.

Fearing that it was a trap by robbers, he drove off without stopping to help and his quick thinking might have saved his life.

This is because eagle-eyed viewers noticed that someone in the car quickly closed the door earlier in the video while the girl gets into position to lie on the road.

They believe the person in the car was lying in wait to rob whoever stops to check and help the woman.

Some netizens recognize this trick in the book and shared their experiences on the road.

It seems like this trick is still used in several areas such as Kamunting in Perak, the road to Bukit Merah from Semanggol, Jalan Taiping – Beruas and Jalan Gelung Pepuyu (Berias – Titi Gantung).

Some of them are angry because robbery tricks like these prevent help from reaching actual victims.

For those who do want to help, netizens advised everyone, especially women, to drive away and contact the police in case it was a trap set by robbers.

Sadly, this is the route everyone needs to take for their safety no thanks to criminals who employ tricks like these.

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