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[Watch] Mum Praises School Boy For Helping Her Son Carry Heavy Bag Downstairs

[Watch] Mum Praises School Boy For Helping Her Son Carry Heavy Bag Downstairs

Rayyan saw that his friend was in trouble and offered to help share the burden.

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All students in Malaysia are familiar with the sensation of carrying a heavy school bag up and down the school stairs for 12 years.

To manage this issue, some schools have experimented with several ways to lighten the school backpack or at least lessen the children’s burden.

There have been discussions to move Standard 1 and 2 classes to the ground floor of the school. Even storage lockers have been put forth as a solution.

Since discussions will take time and school bags are not getting any lighter soon enough, younger students in school have no choice but to help each other carry their heavy bags up and down staircases.

Parents can’t help much either and had to watch their children struggle with the thick and heavy bag every schooling day.

Best friends forever

Recently, a parent Syazwani (@wanie811) shared a video on TikTok and thanked a student named Rayyan for helping her son carry his bag down the stairs.

Rayyan is believed to be her son’s classmate. Seeing his friend in trouble, he helped to hold one side of the trolley bag while carrying his own backpack and a smaller bag with the other free hand.

According to Syazwani, Rayyan never fails to help her son carry his bag every day. For that, she’s thankful and wished him the best in his future undertakings.

Netizens offer sympathy

Netizens sympathized with the students for having to carry school bags that are bigger than their bodies.

Some of them said they feel like helping these students to carry their bags and pointed out that the child in front of the two boys was struggling too.

They also suggested that the Education Ministry let students keep the books in the classroom to reduce the weight of the school bags.

The other alternative is to provide storage lockers in school.

Last but not least, the netizens praised Rayyan for being helpful and kind to his classmate.

They also hope that the boys’ friendship will last forever.

While it’s heartwarming to see young children help one another, the issue of heavy school bags should be looked into seriously.

Hopefully, a worthwhile solution will be found to help all students here.

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