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Antivaxxers Willing To Pay RM2,500 To Change MySJ Vaccination Status, Netizens Say It’s Wasting Money

Antivaxxers Willing To Pay RM2,500 To Change MySJ Vaccination Status, Netizens Say It’s Wasting Money

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Many people were shocked to find out that 14% of umrah Omicron cases were not vaccinated. That’s 17 infected individuals out of the 122 in the group.

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Due to this, many people also wondered how these unvaccinated individuals passed all the rigorous checks and were allowed to fly.

This mystery has been sort of debunked by a Twitter user who shared a post from a Malaysian antivaxx Telegram group.

The post allegedly claims that people can pay to change their vaccination status in the MySejahtera app.

Those who want to game the system only need to pay RM2,500 and provide their name and identification card number. They would also need your MySejahtera ID.

It’s said the ‘fake’ vaccination status can be used everywhere and it’ll get past enforcement officials too.

The updates will also be done following the number of doses allowed to make it look all official-looking.

At the end of the message, there’s a reminder to keep this ‘scam’ a secret.

Funnily, there’s a discount offer too if they can get more than 5 people who want to change their vaccination status.

Netizens say it’s a waste of money

Netizens were shocked and furious at the irresponsibility of some people who would fork out money to lie.

A few netizens said that it’s such a waste of money since vaccinations are given for free.

The total payment for the fake vaccination status is more than some people’s one-month salary.

A netizen sarcastically mentioned that they know a better trick to change the vaccination status for free.

It all starts by making and accepting a Covid-19 vaccine appointment.

Netizens have also formed their own theories and think that it must be an inside job at vaccination centres (PPV).

This is because the people working there are the only ones who will have access to key in and edit the details.

The fact is, attempts to fake vaccination certificates and statuses aren’t new.

Another person claimed that some private clinics offer empty vaccines so the patient gets a vaccinated status without actually being vaccinated.

Due to all these possible scenarios happening behind the scenes, netizens asked the authorities to investigate the matter.

According to New Straits Times, forging digital vaccination certificates is a serious offence with a maximum 7-year jail term or RM100,000 fine or both.

In other words, just don’t get a fake vaccination certificate and status.

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