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‘DO NOT DONATE HERE’ Trends When Netizens Urge Others Not To Donate To Govt Agencies

‘DO NOT DONATE HERE’ Trends When Netizens Urge Others Not To Donate To Govt Agencies

Netizens advised those who want to help flood victims to donate to NGOs instead.

Adeline Leong

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It’s great to see Malaysians coming together to help out flood victims over the past few days. Malaysians have organized themselves to help rescue flood victims, feeding them, and even rescuing animals along the way.

There have been calls for donations and funds set up to help flood victims financially too. However, some Malaysians voiced their disappointment when the government decided to do the same and urged people not to donate to these funds at all.

The sentiment was brought over to Twitter under the trending topic titled, DO NOT DONATE HERE.

Some said it’s a reflection of the rakyat’s increasing lack of faith and trust in the government.

A few Malaysians said the government shouldn’t be asking for more funds and donations from the people since the rakyat has paid more than enough taxes.

Malaysian netizens also questioned what happened to all the tax money if it isn’t used to help the people.

They pointed out that the government should be helping to fund the NGOs and volunteers for doing the bulk of the work.

A netizen pointed out the government’s audacity to hold a launch for a flood relief fund at a hotel and still ask the people for more money.

That said, it doesn’t mean Malaysians are refusing to help those in need.

Instead of donating to the government funds and agencies, netizens advised others to donate to other NGOs such as the Gurdwara.

Some have taken the initiative to build Twitter threads to list the NGOs others can donate to.

A few pointed out that funds donated to NGOs reach the flood victims faster because the funds don’t need to go through layers of bureaucracy.

The events from the past few days go to show that Malaysians will always have each other’s backs and it’s a heartening thing to see in trying times.

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