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“I’m Worried For My Sister” Netizen Claims Melaka Boarding School Hid Covid-19 Case

“I’m Worried For My Sister” Netizen Claims Melaka Boarding School Hid Covid-19 Case

The anonymous user is worried for their sister because another student tested positive in the Melaka boarding school.

Adeline Leong

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The number of Covid-19 cases in Sekolah Seri Puteri in Cyberjaya, Sepang, rose to 139 cases from 71 due to continued testing yesterday (3 December).

The case, named the Persiaran Tasik Cluster, evidently worried many families and Malaysians.

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Since the news of the school cluster broke, a worried Malaysian messaged the Twitter account @pedoqpop to raise the alarm about an unreported Covid-19 cluster in a boarding school in Melaka.

The anonymous person was worried about their sister in the school.

Just like the case in Persiaran Tasik Cluster, it started with a teacher getting infected, but in this case, the teacher did not undergo quarantine.

Instead, the teacher continued making her patrol rounds in the boarding school. Soon, a student tested positive for Covid-19 too.

However, the school did not take action and confiscated every student’s phone so the matter won’t make it out in public.

The anonymous user asked the Twitter account to help make the issue viral so something could be done to help the students in the Melaka boarding school.

Netizens were angry, and the tweet received 4,605 retweets and 6,085 likes at the time of writing.

A netizen couldn’t believe that the school placed its own reputation above the health of the students.

Another netizen tried to rationalize the school’s decision-making and said it was probably done so the students’ schooling wasn’t affected.

Netizens immediately rubbished this. One of them said even if the students were in the midst of exams, the exams could always be postponed.

Another person urged a report to be made against the school and shared a similar case that her cousin in a boarding school went through.

Her cousin tested positive for Covid-19 and in Category 5B3 due to the late action by the school.

A Twitter user pointed out that schools are hiding Covid-19 cases because they don’t want the schools to close and the blame be put on teachers.

A parent wrote to say they hope schools will close because the Covid-19 virus is still highly transmissible despite the precautions taken.

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