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[Watch] PJ Woman Gets Groped And Cornered In Lift By Creepy Man

[Watch] PJ Woman Gets Groped And Cornered In Lift By Creepy Man

It turned out that the sexual harasser had a history of such acts.

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A Malaysian woman recently shared a video of her chilling encounter in a lift on Twitter.

Aina Saffiyah (@ainasaffiyahh) just got home and was on the way up in the lift when a male stranger followed her in. Although she didn’t recognise him, she thought he was probably another resident in the same place.

She felt something wasn’t right when the man didn’t get out when the lift stopped on the third floor. He just stood at the door and got back in.

When someone tried to get into the lift on the ninth floor, the man quickly reached across her and pressed the ‘Close’ button to keep the lift shut.

With no one else to stop him in the lift, he started getting close to her and began touching her shoulder.

Just when she thought she was near home, he stepped out of the lift first and tried to block her path.

Ain wrote that the man asked for five minutes of her time and she obviously refused, saying her mother is waiting for her to get home.

As she attempted to get away, he tried pulling her back towards the stairs and even hugged her from behind.

In the video, she explained that she didn’t scream when he tried to drag her to the stairs because she was paralysed with fear.

Fortunately, she managed to break free and quickly ran as fast as she could to her house and told her parents what happened.

According to her latest tweet, the man has been apprehended by the police. It turns out the 20 plus-year-old man works as a food delivery rider and hails from Kelantan. He currently lives in his friend’s house in Petaling Jaya.

Netizens who saw her video clips expressed shock and their fears.

Another woman said she worked with the man before and he’s known for his lewd behaviour. Some shared their own experience of sexual harassment too.

With more people sharing their personal experiences of sexual harassment in the Twitter thread, it further proves how important it is to have the Sexual Harassment Bill approved in Parliament.

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