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FREE General Health Screenings By Pantai Hospital Ampang For Early Detection Of Women’s Health Problems

FREE General Health Screenings By Pantai Hospital Ampang For Early Detection Of Women’s Health Problems

Early detection is key to identifying and treating most of our modern chronic diseases.

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From now till the 31st of October, Pantai Hospital Ampang (PHA) has set up a booth at the lobby to offer free general health screenings to the public as well as raise awareness on the importance of protecting women’s health. 

Our modern lifestyle with high stress levels, little physical activity, and unhealthy diet with processed foods has greatly increased our risks of developing diseases including cancer and obesity.

In these cases, the key to efficiently identifying and treating them is early detection.

Credit: Pantai Hospital Ampang

However, there are a variety of different health screenings at various price points, so for someone who hasn’t seen a doctor in a while, it might be a hassle to find the most suitable screening for each individual.

Hence, this free general health screening will also include a health professional who will be able to recommend the best health screening based on an individual’s age, risk factor, lifestyle, and family history.

Additionally, women health problems can also be identified with early screenings as well.

Better to know you have issues than to be landed in the hospital with it.
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Dr Ong Syl Fyn, a health screening doctor at Pantai Hospital Ampang, encourages women in their 20s and 30s to go for regular pap smears, which can help to detect sexually transmitted diseases (STD), cervical cancer, and other kinds of infections.

In fact, more than 90 per cent of cervical cancer cases start off as an HPV infection – which can be easily treated if detected at its pre-cancerous stage.

Dr Ong Syl Fyn

Additionally, women in their 20s and 30s should also get a breast ultrasound instead of a mammogram. This is because mammograms may miss health irregularities due to how dense younger breast tissue is, or it may miss simple lumps and cysts even if it can detect micro particles that indicate early stages of cancer.

Women in this age group can also consider a pelvic ultrasound to identify uterine fibroids, which are relatively common but may affect fertility. Women who experience heavy menses or those wishing to start a family should get checked.

However, women in their 40s and above are encouraged to go for both a mammogram and breast ultrasound. Post-menopausal women should also check for hypertension and heart problems as their risks will increase as well.

Regardless of what age you are, it’s crucial to stay abreast with your health.

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