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Health Minister Slams Anti-Vaxxers For Ignoring Real World Data

Health Minister Slams Anti-Vaxxers For Ignoring Real World Data

Khairy Jamaluddin tells anti-vaxxers that they do not live in a bubble.

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Envious of the freedoms and perks of those who believe in science and have taken the vaccine, it seems that anti-vaxxers would rather break the law, make false claims, and be a prick rather than taking one in the arm.

At the same time these anti-vaxxers are holding the country back from recovery and have a higher chance of being hospitalised. 

In response, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin recently gave anti vaxxers a reality check by pointing out real world data from the ministry’s studies that shows vaccination reduced transmission risks by between 86 and 90%.

The study also shows that vaccination reduces symptomatic infections by between 84 and 88%, reduces risk of being admitted to the ICU by between 82 and 84%, and reduces risk of death due to Covid-19 by between 87 and 88%.

You don’t live in a bubble

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin

Recently the government has announced that interstate and international travel is possible once the vaccination rate hits 90%

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Khairy also said that the government will only decide on allowing private social gatherings based on how Malaysians behave once interstate travel is allowed.

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Currently 88% or 20,603,249 of adults in Malaysia are fully vaccinated. 6.4% or 1,495,515 are partially vaccinated, and 6.5% or 1,310,836 are unvaccinated, according to the statistics from the Ministry of Health

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