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You Can’t Ignore Calls Forever! Get This PDRM-Approved App & Say Bye-Bye To Scammers

You Can’t Ignore Calls Forever! Get This PDRM-Approved App & Say Bye-Bye To Scammers

Whoscall, the industry-leading digital anti-fraud app, is dedicated to protecting users against evolving scam tactics.

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In recent years, the number of ways to fall for a scam has skyrocketed. It’s a digital minefield out there, and we’re constantly bombarded with all sorts of attacks, from APK and MLM scams to OTP hacks and scam calls.

In 2023, 34,497 scam cases were reported nationwide, with Malaysians losing over RM1.2 billion of their hard-earned cash.

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Recognising the escalating threat of online scams, Whoscall has stepped up to protect Malaysians.

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Staying connected is essential, but keeping track of what’s safe and what’s not is nearly impossible. Understanding the challenges people face, Whoscall, the industry-leading digital anti-fraud app, is dedicated to protecting users against evolving scam tactics.

Why should you choose Whoscall?

Whoscall is the only anti-fraud app endorsed by PDRM and the most relevant anti-scam app for Malaysians, thanks to its seamless integration of fraud number data from the PDRM Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) portal into its system.

In Malaysia, Whoscall has detected 3.1 million fraud calls and SMSes. Through their collaboration with PDRM, they’ve managed to reduce the pick-up rate of scam calls by 10% within just eight months.

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(Credit: Whoscall)

Not to mention, it boasts the largest East and Southeast Asian database with over 100 million downloads.

In the fight against evolving scam tactics, Whoscall now does more than block scam calls and messages. It offers a variety of innovative features, such as:

WhatsApp Unknown Call Identification

(Credit: Whoscall)

This feature protects users from potential scams and fraud calls conducted via WhatsApp, a platform increasingly used by scammers. 

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URL Scanner

(Credit: Whoscall)

The URL scanner helps users determine if a link they received is safe to click, preventing phishing attempts.

Enhanced Security with ID Security

(Credit: Whoscall)

Its newly launched ID Security feature is a game-changer in user protection. 

With just a phone number, ID Security can detect past data leaks, giving users instant insights into compromised accounts, passwords, and personal details. It also gives suggestions to bolster your online security.

Whoscall is a powerful anti-fraud tool, serving as the first line of defense against scams with its advanced AI technology and extensive features. Dedicated to creating a safer digital environment for all Malaysians, Whoscall has recently partnered with Maxis to offer exclusive Whoscall Premium deals to Maxis and Hotlink users, providing them with more comprehensive and advanced protection against scams and fraud.

Man Yong, Country Marketing Lead of Gogolook Malaysia.

Now Maxis and Hotlink users can stay connected in a safer communication environment with Whoscall!

(Credit: Whoscall)

Maxis and Hotlink users get special deals to enjoy Whoscall Premium with advanced Whoscall features plus 60 days of Whoscall Premium for free! 

They can subscribe directly through their Maxis or Hotlink monthly bill or mobile credit. The subscription costs only RM5.90 per month (normal price: RM8.90/month) or RM58.90 per year (normal price: RM87.90).

Start enjoying Whoscall Premium HERE.

This anti-fraud app is particularly valuable for senior citizens, who are one of the most targeted victims of scams in Malaysia.

Family members are urged to take proactive steps by installing the Whoscall app on their elderly relatives’ phones before it is too late. 

With Whoscall, you gain a powerful ally in the ongoing and constantly evolving battle against scams. This app helps you stay a step ahead, providing peace of mind and allowing you to navigate the digital world with confidence.

Don’t let scammers catch you or your loved ones off guard. Equip everyone with Whoscall and enjoy enhanced protection.

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