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Renovating Your House? These Feruni Tiles Are Works Of Art

Renovating Your House? These Feruni Tiles Are Works Of Art

Feruni’s new vision is to be the world’s most disruptive tile maker and designer that transforms living and working spaces.

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As a trailblazer transforming Malaysia’s tile industry, Feruni unveiled its refreshed brand, concurrently announcing partnerships with designers and revealing its largest collection of 175 masterfully crafted tile designs in the presence of over 100 luminaries comprising of property developers, architects, interior designers and artists during an immersive event Discover New Art Forms with Feruni at the company’s headquarters.

As part of the rebranding, Feruni’s new vision is to be the world’s most disruptive tile maker and designer that transforms living and working spaces, inspires customers, delivers joy to its employees and enriches its communities.

The brand’s new tagline, Where Every Tile Is A Work of Art, will be the guiding principle as the company evolves its products and services to uphold and actualise on its brand promise.

Feruni’s journey has been guided by our determination to do things differently and bring about transformation in Malaysia’s tile industry. Our reputation as a pioneer has been built on our efforts to deliver a world-class customer experience, offer the world’s latest tile trends, introduce innovatively designed products that continue to fire the imagination of our customers and reflect the meticulous craftsmanship as seen in all our products.

Datuk CC Ngei, Feruni’s Chief Executive Officer

As part of The Art and The Artist platform, Feruni teamed up with Valhalla Garage to suit up a Porsche 911 with an armour of tiles.

This project, The Art 911, executed by Studio Feruni, engineered a solution that incorporated constant and gradual spread of tiles to cover the Porsche 911 while remaining aesthetically and mechanically true to the great automotive legend, making it a one-of-a-kind creation.

Another partnership and new product line revealed was the Mandi Bunga Collection which was brought to fruition by Feruni’s collaboration with Nala Designs, one of Malaysia’s leading fashion houses founded in 2009 by Lisette Scheers, the “Queen of Patterns”.

A well-known figure in the art scene, Scheers, is a Kuala Lumpur-based Dutch designer committed to preserving Malaysian heritage by translating uniquely designed patterns and motifs into several ranges of fashion and home goods.

Working closely with the Studio Feruni team the Mandi Bunga Collection features a myriad of Malaysian fruit flowers such as the dragon fruit, rambutan, durian, mangosteen and starfruit amongst many other florals on large format tiles, reflecting Scheers’ belief that flowering trees have a special meaning in terms of infusing beauty to the land.

I’m absolutely delighted to celebrate our new collaboration with Feruni. Their disruptive spirit and innovative tile craftsmanship have allowed us to translate the artistic Mandi Bunga designs into stunning architectural elements that can transform living spaces. I hope the Mandi Bunga collection inspires Malaysians to create rejuvenating, tranquil sanctuaries in their own spaces. I look forward to many more collaborations that allow Feruni and Nala Designs to converge art, beauty and inspiration to create designs that continue to wow our customers.

Lisette Scheers

As part of its scale-up strategy, Feruni will further its ambitions as a Design Studio, alongside cross boundary collaboration with local artists and designers of various industries.

It aims to adopt a phased approach to new markets starting with South-East Asia, followed by Asia and thereafter the rest of the world.

It has also laid out a blueprint for revamping its current retail footprint with Feruni Retail Store 2.0 format, starting at its headquarters, thereafter, rolling it out nationwide.

For more details on how Feruni continues to disrupt the tile industry through art, beauty and inspiration, click here.

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