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Is RM200 Budi Diesel Aid Sufficient? – We Break Down The Math So You Don’t Have To

Is RM200 Budi Diesel Aid Sufficient? – We Break Down The Math So You Don’t Have To

A full tank of diesel for a Ford Ranger is seeing a RM100 hike with the new price.

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The recent diesel price hike, or rather unsubsidised price implementation on Monday, 10 June, has stirred significant public outcry.

Many expressed their dissatisfaction on social media; some by trolling Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s old campaign line, while others post videos of themselves refuelling at petrol stations.

Despite the RM200 Budi Madani monthly cash aid given to those who qualify, the unhappiness is apparent.

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Breaking Down The Math

Naturally, the best way to understand a situation is to speak with someone directly affected.

In this case, we spoke to someone who uses a Ford Ranger — a pickup truck with a diesel engine and an 80-liter fuel capacity.

Pic for illustration purposes only
Pic Credit: Istockimages
Before 10 June:

Diesel: RM2.15/per litre

80 x 2.15 = RM172


Diesel: RM3.35/per litre

80 x 3.35 = RM268

This means a full tank has gone up by RM96.

Pic for illustration purposes only
Pic Credit: Istockimages

Despite the pickup’s impressive mileage—900 km on highways and 600 to 700 km for in town driving on a full tank of fuel—the higher cost can still be a burden to some.

While it may be manageable for a casual user, the hike will still burden those who rely on their vehicles regularly.

The cost of fuel consumption varies based on driving distance and style, which further complicates matters for frequent drivers.

The factors of traffic congestion and the use of diesel vehicles for heavy load transporting also add to the complication.

If a person refuels full tank once a week, the hike in a month works out to:

RM96 x 4 = RM384

RM384 – RM200 (Budi Madani Aid) = RM184

This means their monthly fuel expenses is up by RM184.

The diesel price hike can be particularly challenging for those without alternatives, such as a second car that uses petrol or a bike.

Independent Delivery Drivers

A tweet by one Hisham Abdullah, an independent logistics contractor with Lalamove, highlights the challenges of using a pickup truck for his work.

Hisham pointed out that the “100+ litre subsidy” from the government will only last him 4 to 5 days.

He is most likely referring to the RM200 Budi Madani aid.

New diesel price RM3.35 – Old diesel price RM2.15 = RM1.20

RM200 ÷ RM1.20 = 166.6 litres

This means the RM200 monthly aid will only cover him for 166 litres.

Hisham said he does not qualify for the fleet card. This makes sense as he is considered a private user, despite using his pickup for work.

“If the government does not want to support us, Lalamove should ban 4×4 vehicles from their services,” he said in his tweet, expressing frustration over the lack of support and the financial strain caused by the diesel price hike.

Some remarked that Hisham raised a legitimate concern while others said Lalamove should increase the commissions paid out to their drivers.

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