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How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies – A Simple Yet Refreshing Movie

How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies – A Simple Yet Refreshing Movie

The simplicity of this movie is its winning factor.

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There aren’t that many movies out there exploring the relationship between grandparents and grandkids.

Which is probably why Thailand’s latest cinema offering “How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies” appears to be doing quite well.

It was a solid attempt at showing the world the beauty of this bond.

Even if you haven’t seen it, you would have seen the many positive reviews of the movie on social media, with brands jumping on board to take advantage of the situation considering the buzz surrounding the movie’s status as a tearjerker.

We decided to watch it over the weekend and find out for ourselves why millions were to be made before grandma died.

The Story

The story is something that can be explained in a one-liner. Because the premise is very simple, we won’t give any spoilers for those of you who haven’t seen it.

But what we can promise, it is a story that might have happened in your life or a story that you have heard at least once from your friends or loved ones.

The simplicity of the story is what makes the movie relatable to the audiences and makes it a winner. It explores emotions and tugs at your heartstrings.

Pic Credit: IMDb

These emotions travel together with the story and are shown realistically to the audience.

The Screenplay

The screenplay is one of the movie’s strongest aspects.

The dialogue is witty and natural, perfectly capturing the nuances of family interactions.

The humour is spot-on, often arising from everyday situations we can all relate to.

Pic Credit: IMDb

The script balances comedy and drama, ensuring that the audience is entertained and emotionally invested.

Although it may initially seem like the movie has a slow start, you will be hooked by the second act.

Stellar Performances

The acting in this film is top-notch. The lead actor, Putthipong Assaratanakul, delivers a performance that is both charming and convincing.

He plays the role of a young man torn between ambition and family loyalty. Putthipong carried the role beautifully, as did the actress who played the grandmother, Usha Seamkhum.

Pic Credit: IMDb

The actress, Usha Seamkhum, playing the grandma is equally remarkable.

Her character is the heart and soul of the movie, and she brings warmth and wisdom to every scene.

The chemistry between the cast members is palpable, making their relationship feel authentic and engaging.

Pic Credit: IMDb

Both grandma and grandson shared an equal presence on the screen without overlapping each other.

The other characters also had screentime and each of the character has an importance to the story.

Relatable and Heartwarming

What truly makes “How to Make a Million Before Grandma Dies” special is how it’s rooted in reality.

The film doesn’t rely on extravagant settings or high-stakes drama. Instead, it focuses on the small, everyday moments that define our lives.

It reminds us of the importance of family, the value of hard work, and the bittersweet nature of life’s fleeting moments.

We give this movie 5/5 – it’s a must watch!

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