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There Might Be A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Household!

There Might Be A Ticking Time Bomb In Your Household!

Embrace the assurance of SIRIM-certified products with ‘Ada SIRIM, Baru Beli’.

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In the heart of every home, amidst the convenience and comfort of modern appliances, lies the potential for unseen hazards.

It’s a stark reminder that the choices we make in our purchases carry weight beyond mere functionality.

The “Ada SIRIM, Baru Beli” initiative stands as a beacon of safety, urging consumers and businesses alike to prioritise the safety and efficiency of certified products before welcoming them into our lives.

The threat is real and closer than you think. The statistics are sobering – in a recent year, the shadow of tragedy loomed with 16 lives lost to electrocution in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, a slight decrease from 28 in the previous year, all linked to the use of electrical items lacking SIRIM certification.

This alarming data underscores a critical oversight in consumer habits, especially in an age where digital shopping prevails. The convenience of online purchases often comes at the expense of safety, with many overlooking the significance of SIRIM QAS International’s certification.

SIRIM QAS International isn’t just another name in the industry; it’s the cornerstone of safety and quality assurance.

Aminudin Abd Aziz, General Manager of Marketing and Customer Experience Department of SIRIM QAS International illuminates the grave reality – the malfunction of a product could range from a minor inconvenience to catastrophic outcomes such as explosions.

The essence of the mission is clear: to avert these dangers and protect consumers.

Understanding SIRIM QAS International and Its Mission

To demystify, SIRIM Berhad focuses on industrial research and technology, while its offspring, SIRIM QAS International, excels in testing, inspection, and certification services.

Accredited by various reputable bodies, including but not limited to the National Accreditation Body, Department of Standards Malaysia (STANDARDS MALAYSIA), and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), SIRIM QAS International upholds rigorous standards in its operations.

In addition to that, its membership in the International Certification Network (IQNet) further solidifies its position, enabling businesses to penetrate over 37 international markets with certified products including Korea, China and Spain.

Strategic Advantage for Businesses with SIRIM Certification

For businesses, engaging with SIRIM QAS International is not merely a compliance measure but a strategic advantage. Their comprehensive testing and certification processes not only ensure product safety and regulatory compliance but also instil consumer trust and market competitiveness.

In an era where product differentiation is key, certification stands as a hallmark of excellence and reliability, opening doors to international markets and providing a competitive edge over uncertified counterparts.

Here’s why you need to be aware of SIRIM-certified products The persistence in purchasing and utilising unregulated products significantly heightens the likelihood of accidents.

Even if, by remote chance, these uncertified items don’t lead to life-threatening situations, they may still result in financial losses for consumers when they malfunction.

To steer clear of such undesirable scenarios, it is wiser for consumers to conduct thorough research on the products they intend to purchase, especially if it’s for their households.

This could involve checking for SIRIM labels affixed to the products or utilising the SIRIM QAS Intl. application, accessible on both the App Store and Google Play, to identify certified products with confidence.

This alarming reality echoes the importance of the “Ada SIRIM, Baru Beli” initiative which bridges the gap between modern convenience and safety.

Just as our homes serve as sanctuaries of comfort, they need to also be strongholds of security, safeguarded by certified products. By embracing SIRIM certification, consumers empower themselves to make informed choices, ensuring the safety and well-being of their households.

In essence, the initiative not only champions product integrity but also reinforces the notion that every purchase decision carries the responsibility of protecting our homes and loved ones, the prosperity of businesses, and the well-being of our planet.

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