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Ultimate Frisbee: The Sport That’s Taking Malaysia By Storm!

Ultimate Frisbee: The Sport That’s Taking Malaysia By Storm!

Young or old, male or female, pro athlete or couch potato – anyone can play, as long as you have the Spirit of the Game.

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If you’ve never heard of Ultimate Frisbee before, don’t fret. 

I didn’t care much about frisbee, let alone an ‘ultimate’ version of it. I thought that frisbee was not a very commonly known or played sport in our corner of the world because when I think of frisbee, I don’t picture Asians, I picture a group of ang mohs throwing around a disc.

Yet, I fully acknowledge my ignorance, because little did I know that Malaysia has an Ultimate Frisbee Team that competed in the World Championships.

“Judging you so hard RN.” (Credit: Ultimate Frisbee Malaysia)

AND, it was right here in KL when Ultimate Frisbee was recognised by the International Olympic Committee, making it eligible to compete in future Olympic games!

“Very fun meh this game?”

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

Although the sport is commonly called ultimate frisbee, it is officially known as “Ultimate”. There are debates about how this came about, though. 

One source said that in the ‘60s, Jared Kass, one of the inventors of Ultimate, dubbed the game the “Ultimate Sports Experience” and that has stuck ever since.

Another source said that it’s because the term “frisbee” is trademarked by the Wham-O toy company in the USA that made the first frisbees in the world.


However it came to be, this sport has one of the most interesting rules (or lack thereof) that, to me, speaks volumes about sportsmanship.

Zero referees, zero contact!

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

If you’re all about your personal space but also trying to increase your outdoor activity, Ultimate might just be the sport for you. 

Ultimate is a sport that’s governed by the “Spirit of the Game (SOTG),” which emphasises sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect. 

Players aren’t allowed to initiate physical contact with other players and there are no referees in sight. The players themselves are the referees.

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

When contact or a rule violation occurs, the affected player calls it out. The game stops, and the players involved discuss the situation to reach a resolution. 

If the call is uncontested, play resumes accordingly. If contested, the disc is returned to the last thrower, and play continues from there.

The non-contact rule fosters a respectful playing environment where players rely on skill and strategy rather than physicality. But SOTG also demands integrity, because players are responsible for calling their own fouls and violations, so no sneaky-sneaky allowed.


For example, if a player commits a ‘travel’ (moves their pivot foot illegally), they are expected to call it on themselves, even if the other player didn’t notice.

“So, actually how to play this game?”

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

In Asia, it’s primarily a mixed sport, with 4 male and 3 female players in each team. Two teams, each with 7 players, play on a grass field that’s roughly the size of a football field, but narrower. Each team defends one end zone on opposite sides. 

The player holding the frisbee, called the thrower, can’t run while holding it. To score, a team needs to catch the frisbee in the other team’s end zone.

You’ll need a regulation-sized Ultimate disc, which is slightly larger and heavier than a traditional recreational frisbee. MyDiscs are #BuatanMalaysia and they’re a great option. You can buy them here.

Ultimately (hehe), what really sets Ultimate apart is its inclusivity.

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

Young or old, male or female, pro athlete or couch potato – anyone can pick up a disc and play, as long as you have the Spirit of the Game.

So if you’ve been looking for a sport that’s fun and not too competitive, why not try out Ultimate? Join Ultimate Malaysia’s Facebook group for casual pickup games that’s open to anyone.

Or, if you’re just curious about the sport, head over to Putrajaya Equestrian Park this 1 & 2 June to witness the largest Ultimate tournament in Malaysia, the Malaysia Ultimate Open (MUO)!

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

In 2023, they hosted over 800 athletes in 32 teams from 11 countries. This year’s event promises top-tier Ultimate action, with teams from across the region competing for glory.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about the sport, MUO is the perfect opportunity to experience the excitement firsthand.

(Credit: Ultimate Outdoor Ventures)

Expect high-level play, a vibrant community atmosphere, and maybe even a chance to try out the sport yourself. Don’t miss out! 

For more information and to stay updated on MUO, follow their Instagram page.

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