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Flight Face-Off: MHflypass ASEAN Vs ASEAN Explorer Pass – Which One Wins?!

Flight Face-Off: MHflypass ASEAN Vs ASEAN Explorer Pass – Which One Wins?!

These passes are like subscription services for flying. Just pay the set price, choose your destination, and enjoy some perks along the way. ‘Thrifty Tactics’ is TRP’s latest series that compares products and services to find the best bang for your buck

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You’ve probably noticed that flight ticket prices have been soaring recently, even for those quick jaunts around Southeast Asia.

It’s a real head-scratcher for frequent flyers like us. Juggling between work, family, and those little luxuries I love to indulge in, I’m already hopping on planes 4 to 6 times a year.

And whether it’s a trip I’ve mapped out months in advance or a last-minute leap, believe me when I tell you that my wallet is definitely feeling the turbulence!

That’s why I’ve considered snagging one of those ‘all-you-can-fly’
travel passes that’s popping up online.

(Credit: AirAsia MOVE/Journify via Facebook)

These passes come with a zero base fare, so the seat won’t cost you anything at all. You’ll just cover the taxes, fees, and extra add-ons for your flight. Think of it as a subscription service for flying. Just pay the set price, choose your destination, and enjoy some perks along the way.

AirAsia’s ASEAN Explorer Pass seems pretty sweet. You get to jet off as much as you want for an entire year and to 10 different countries, like Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

For only RM1,188 a year, it’s definitely a steal for deal-seekers, especially with all the hotel and ride discounts, plus those AirAsia points you’ll rack up. You can also purchase the pass for kids above 12, for extra savings for the whole squad.

But, of course, there’s a catch as you can’t use it for domestic flights, have to book your trips at least 14 days in advance (bye-bye, spontaneity 😔), tickets may also be limited during peak periods, and you still need to top up for extras like baggage and meals.

However, if you’re anything like me and comfort is key when you fly
(picture extra legroom🦵and VIP treatment 👑),
then Malaysia Airlines’ MHflypass ASEAN might be more our style.

The MHflypass ASEAN lets you take up to 3 round trips (or 6 one-way) throughout the year to 8 countries including Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia, with either Malaysia Airlines or Firefly.

They’ve conveniently grouped these destinations into 3 Zones for easy selection, so you can pick the package that more closely suits your travel needs.

malaysia airlines mhflypass asean zone 2
malaysia airlines mhflypass asean zone 3

Sure, it’s a bit of a splurge, with prices ranging from RM1,499 to RM2,699. But think of it as an investment in your travel freedom. The pass allows unlimited date swaps for the same route so you can change plans on the fly. You could hop on an earlier flight the same day to get to your destination faster (if there’s room, of course).

(Credit: Lifestylememory via Freepik)

The seats are all Economy Class which means ample space to stretch. You’ll also get complimentary seat selection, snacks, meals, and drinks for a cosy journey. And if you’re sick of waiting around at the airport, the pass also allows you to skip the lines with priority check-in, boarding, and baggage drop for added convenience.

Now, here’s the best part (for me anyway😏), not only do you get treated with top-notch hospitality from Malaysia Airlines’ world-class crew, but you’ll also get to bring along 35kg checked and 7kg carry-on baggage to pack that extra outfit (or three) and still have space to grab some home souvenirs!

(Credit: tirachardz via Freepik)

Plus, you’ll also earn Enrich Points for every Ringgit you spend to redeem on your next flight, Golden Lounge access, hotel stays, and much more. Pretty awesome, right?

Unfortunately, the pass isn’t available for kids and babies, so you’ll be paying extra if you have them in tow. And if you happened to miss your booked flight, then it’s gone with the wind—no do-overs or refunds, I’m afraid.

So consider your choices!

If you’re all about savings the ASEAN Explorer Pass is your ticket to an affordable journey. However, if you’re seeking value for money and a touch of luxury, the MHflypass ASEAN is your VIP pass to a perfect trip.

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