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“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” Is Chris Pine At His Chris Piniest

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” Is Chris Pine At His Chris Piniest

Come and join the Dungeons & Dragons Tavern Experience currently happening at Sunway Pyramid till 2 April.

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So on Tuesday night, the TRP troop went to the screening of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves—an action comedy flick based on the classic fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D).

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the D&D franchise and have never seen an episode of Stranger Things—just think of it like playing Monopoly, with extra steps.

A D&D game usually consists of four or more players, with one of the players taking the role of a Dungeon Master (DM) or the “banker” who acts as the narrator, and referee, and controls the overall flow of the game. While the rest of the players form a “party” of adventurers tasked with exploring the imaginary world.

Each party member plays a class of characters of their own creation—each with their own unique attributes and abilities ranging from magical Elves to the fire-breathing Dragonborn— and participates in a campaign to accomplish a set of goals.

During a game, the DM would present the players with different tasks, enemies and scenarios, and each player gets to decide what to do, and with a dice roll, determine if their actions and choices were successful or otherwise.

A game can span from just a few hours to decades-long campaigns as players traverse the make-believe realm they’ve created together. And since it first came out in the 70s’, D&D has embedded itself into pop culture and is loved by guys, gals and geeks of all generations.

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Now back to the movie…

With a runtime of just over two hours, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves stars Chris Pine as Chris Pine—our lute-playing, thief of a protagonist in the story.

He is accompanied by Michelle Rodriguez who plays a bada*s barbarian (as she does in every movie…) named Holga and is also sort of Chris Pine’s main romantic interest in the movie, but not really.

Long story short, after a life of being an impoverished member of an honourable group of assassins, called Harpers, Chris Pine’s life was changed forever when his wife was murdered by a company of evil magic people known as the Red Wizards—leaving Chris Pine to be a single father to their daughter, Kira.

(Credit: DungeonsandDragonsMovie via Facebook)

Crushed by the loss of the love of his life, Chris Pine stumbles upon Holga who’s been outcast by her people for, reasons… Holga took pity on Chris Pine and became Kira’s surrogate mother, and together they embark on a new life of adventure—forming a band of thieves consisting of Simon the incompetent sorcerer (played by Justice Smith) and Forge the charming conman (played by Hugh Grant).

Enticed by a score that would provide him with a magical rock that could bring his wife back to life, Chris Pine and the party accepted a quest to raid a temple to recover the object before finding themselves double-crossed by the disastrous Sofina (played by Daisy Head) a Red Wizard who originally tasked them on the mission in the first place.

Chris Pine and Holga were, unfortunately, trapped in a magical spell by Sofina and ended up getting captured, but not before charging Forge with the safekeeping of the magical rock and Kira.

After two years of being imprisoned, Chris Pine and Holga managed to escape and made their way back to Kira. But being the conman that he is, Forge, with the help of Sofina, had managed to weasel his way into becoming the Lord of a town called Neverwinter and has poisoned Kira into believing that her father had abandoned her.

(Credit: DungeonsandDragonsMovie via Facebook)

This leads Chris Pine and Holga on a mission to rescue Kira along with the magical rock that’s kept in a magical vault in Forge’s castle, and along the way, they form a new team with their old pal Simon, a shape-shifting druid name Doric (played by Sophia Lillis) who has a distaste for humans, and a socially challenged paladin knight who calls himself Xenk (played by Regé-Jean Page).

Together they embark on a journey to retrieve a magical helmet that would allow them to enter the magic vault, get the magic rock, and grab Kira on their way out.

So how was it?

It was OK… Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves places viewers in a colourful world filled with fantastical creatures, scenic sites and encompasses themes of family, friendship, and the perseverance to overcome failures—with jokes and one-liners thrown in between.

It tells the story of a misguided father trying his best to provide for his family. A big-hearted barbarian struggling with the pain of betrayal. A self-conscious sorcerer learning to believe in themself. A chauvinistic creature learning to trust others. And a band of thieves who discovers that the greatest treasure they could ever have was right in front of them the whole time.

The action scenes and CGI is on par with any big blockbuster film out there, and aside from being a bit too long for my personal taste, the movie was well-paced and included a cool but not too overbearing climactic battle at the end.

(Credit: DungeonsandDragonsMovie via Facebook)

My only nitpicks for the movie are that some of the characters, including the main antagonists of the story, were a little too one-dimensional with unclear motives besides being evil.

The whole movie also had tonnes of one-liners that can get a bit cringy, and they could’ve also included a lot more of those fantastical creatures that the D&D universe is known for.

But the best part of the movie is that it serves as a nice, self-contained story where you don’t need to know anything about D&D, play the game or watch a bunch of sideshows to enjoy. Overall, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a fun-filled film for the whole family.

The movie hits theatres Thursday, and if you’re looking to embark on your own fantastical journey into the world of D&D, come and join the Dungeons & Dragons Tavern Experience taking place at the Sunway Pyramid mall this 15 March till 2 April to participate in some exciting games and a chance to take home exclusive prizes.

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