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Things All Malaysians Can Relate To OTW Balik Kampung

Things All Malaysians Can Relate To OTW Balik Kampung

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Whether returning to your hometown or visiting friends and family out of state, balik kampung is truly a Malaysian custom.

The feeling of cruising down the wide open road in anticipation of reuniting with loved ones has Malaysians from all walks of life jumping for joy any time the holidays come around—in fact, we have a whole song dedicated to it!

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And no matter how short or long the journey is, every Malaysian knows that balik kampung is an outing filled with fun-tastic moments we’ve all grown to love.

So in anticipation of the upcoming Hari Raya celebration, we’ve compiled a list of the common things only true Malaysians would experience OTW balik kampung every year, along with some helpful tips to make your travels breezier and more memorable.

Waking up extra early to beat traffic

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It’s not even daybreak yet, but your bags are stuffed in the boot, fresh coffee and snacks are sealed in the tupperware, and you’re already on the highway heading towards your destination in hopes of beating the balik kampung traffic—only to end up in gridlock anyways…

In 2022, we had close to 5 million vehicles travelling on major highways across the peninsular during the festive season—so you better download an audiobook and have a “good vibes” playlist prepared just in case you find yourself stuck in the balik kampung crawl.

Balik kampung in a new car

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The very first balik kampung journey in a new car is one of the most enjoyable moments in our lives and a memory that many Malaysians treasure. Whether the car is brand new or “new to you,” the smell and shine of a new set of wheels is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face—and being able to share that smile together with loved ones during the festivities only makes it better!

This year, spread the joy and make your balik kampung journey a trip to remember by getting a new ride with myTukar—your go-to online platform to buy and sell pre-owned cars.

All cars listed on the platform are myTukar Certified—a certification process and stamp of assurance that ensures peace of mind and safety. It encompasses a rigorous 160-point inspection where all faults will be found and fixed, 5-day money-back guarantee, a 12-month warranty for engine and gearbox, no mileage tampering, and no major accidents, fire and flood damage for all cars.

By the way, this festive season myTukar is running a menangful promo with up to RM27,000 off when you purchase a myTukar Certified car plus the chance to balik kampung with amazing prizes worth more than RM100,000, including a 6-day-and-4-night, all-expenses-paid trip for two to Seoul, South Korea!

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myTukar’s Have a Menangful Raya promotion begins March 1 till May 19, 2023. Terms and conditions do apply, so for more details head over to the myTukar website HERE.

Travelling in full festive attire

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Malaysians are a fashionable bunch, and we always do our best to dress for the occasion—especially during the festive balik kampung season.

But dressing up in colourful festive attire while being on the road for hours on end and still being fashionable when arriving at the destination is an art Malaysians can only perfect with experience.

So as a pro tip to keep your outfits looking fleek on the road this Aidilfitri, we recommend packing one of those portable handheld garment steamers in your luggage just in case you’d need to tidy up before getting into the festive mood.

Stopping for some snacks OTW

(Credit: HumbaFrame via Envato Elements)

Sure the fruits and sweets you’ve packed for the trip might be enough to last you all the way to your destination, but who can resist the tantalising allure of some good ol’ Malaysian food served fresh by the roadside?

Make sure you stop by the many R&Rs to take a short break from your journey and tapau your favourite Malaysian meals. Just remember to bring along some wet wipes so you won’t dirty up the car.

Taking the back roads and enjoying the scenery

(Credit: Lazy_Bear via Envato Elements)

Did you know that Malaysia has over 65,000 km of highways? That’s longer than the circumference of our planet! Plus, our country is well-known for having some of the best sceneries you can find on Earth that are worthy of any road trip.

Watching the view change from KL’s busy cityscapes to rustic towns and villages, lush greenery, or even sandy beaches while you’re travelling on the road is a feeling that’s hard to describe.

Famous roads like the Federal Route 3—which stretches across Johor, KL, Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan—is credited as one of the most scenic coastal roads in Asia. So why not explore some alternative routes on your next balik kampung trip!

Taking the car for a checkup

(Credit: myTukar) 

It can be hard to keep up with your car’s maintenance schedules. But luckily for Malaysians, each festive season brings a friendly reminder to take our cars to the workshop for a quick tune-up to make sure that the upcoming balik kampung trip is safer and more comfortable for the whole family.

This Aidilfitri, get a free car health check when you send your vehicles to selected myTukar Service Centres and enjoy 30% off on a whole car spray paint job, with complimentary headlamp coating and all rims respray worth RM800, as well as 50% off myTukar’s Alignment and Balancing service package.

Whether it’s paintwork or servicing, give your car a comprehensive makeover from the inside out. The promo begins on March 1 till April 30, 2023. For more info head over to myTukar’s website HERE.

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