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Working Hours Vs Opening Hours – Know The Difference

Working Hours Vs Opening Hours – Know The Difference

A tweet complaining about a doctor’s tardiness raises the question of whether we understand the concept of opening hours and working hours.

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Clinics in our country are available in every neighbourhood for the people’s comfort. However, a Twitter user recently shared her disappointment with the clinic that she went to.

In the tweet, she asked what was the point in opening a clinic at 8.30am but the doctor only arrived at 9am.

Twitter user @najihahshahrel said that she called 4 clinics in her area and all of them were open at 8.30am but the doctors would only come in at 9 or 9.30am.

This is a common practice in Malaysia, not only for clinics but pretty much any premises that deal with the public. The opening hours is observed but the services provided will usually start later than the stated opening time.

The problem with regard to clinics is that the patient that comes in when the doors open will have to wait before the doctor arrives.

In explaining this situation, Twitter user @Adinzuko7 said there were many things that needed to be done before the doctor enters, which is why doctors arrive later than the staff.

However, @najihahshahrel replied saying that they should open and allow people to enter only after the doctor comes in.

She shared her experience of working in the food and beverage industry where the staff must clock in for duty an hour before opening hours so that when the restaurant opens to the public at 10am, they can immediately dine-in without having to wait.

Other netizens also shared their views on the matter. One of them even mentioned that sometimes it takes up to 10am to see a doctor and another netizen also shared her concern about the same scenario but this time at a hospital.

The practice of allowing patients to come in before the doctor arrives is to get the registration process out of the way. It is also a way to ensure the receptionist is able to handle the crowd.

However, it is still unfair for patients who arrive according to the opening hours, but still have to wait for the doctor to arrive.

As for F&B premises, it would be unfair for a person who arrives when the restaurant opens only to be told they have to wait before being served because the kitchen is not ready.

The concept of working hours and opening hours is sometimes misunderstood. The two are not the same.

Opening hours is for the public. This means that if a premises states they open at 10am, the public should expect to be served at 10am.

For the staff, their working hours should start earlier. This means preparations can be done prior to opening hours.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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