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[Exclusive] Facts About Ceddy Most People Don’t Know – Did You Know He Wanted To Be A Lecturer?

[Exclusive] Facts About Ceddy Most People Don’t Know – Did You Know He Wanted To Be A Lecturer?

CeddyOrNot is a Content Creator who is better known as the ‘CEO of Eating’ on TikTok.

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The name CeddyOrNot is no stranger on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, especially when you talk about food. Ceddy Ang is a content creator whose videos are funny and honest, which explains why people like his videos.

However, being a content creator isn’t always easy, as you have to find amusing and relatable content to keep your viewers engaged.

Now, Ceddy is not just a food vlogger, he is also into various aspects of content creation, for example appearing on television, launching mini-acting gigs, hosting podcasts and so on.

Surely, many of you would wanna know how he started as a content creator on social media, a world full of competition.

Recently, our TRP team was given the chance to interview Ceddy and ask him everything that his fans would wanna know.

Here are some fun facts about Ceddy through our ‘Zero To Hero’ segment. Here we go!

Get to know Ceddy Ang through an exclusive interview with TRP

Ceddy Ang, 32, hails from The Land Of The Greatest Food, Penang.

When asked some questions about his background, Ceddy said that after finishing school, he decided to continue studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Law.

After that, he started working in marketing, starting as a Sales Person, Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager and then continuing his studies at the Master’s level in the field of Marketing (Masters In Marketing).

I actually wanted to become a lecturer. That is if my journey to become a Content Creator is unfruitful.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

For your information, Ceddy had also been active in the gaming world previously as one of the ‘Live Streamers’ on the Twitch platform.

I started being a live streamer because I’m a hardcore gamer.

After a while, I decided to try vlogging, but the idea failed on the YouTube platform.

After that, a friend of mine suggested to use TikTok, which I laughed off because I never liked the platform before.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

However, Ceddy challenged himself and uploaded videos on TikTok. And who would have thought? That effort paid off and it became one of the biggest victories for him to this day.

Ceddy has been active in the world of Content Creation for six years now.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a performer, like, a singer.

But my confidence level is not very high at the time due to the fact that I used to be bullied at school because I am a ‘gentle’ man and my voice is not very ‘manly’.

That’s why I’m not very confident to stand out, out there.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

Commenting further, Ceddy is however proud of the people around him who often give words of encouragement for him to continue charging forward by providing strong moral support.

The rise and fall in the media industry

Life is like a wheel. In whatever field we pursue, there must be some ups and downs that we have to face. Ceddy is also no exception in facing some obstacles while being active in this industry.

Nevertheless, no matter what life throws at him, Ceddy is always seen as a Happy-Go-Lucky guy who’s always thinking on the bright side.

For example, he thinks that all the obstacles and difficulties that he went through can be turned into something good where people could recognize him out there, and he could also get on the good side of society.

The downside of being in this industry is that I have to deal with random haters who are rude when giving opinions and sometimes clients who are too demanding and lack understanding.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

When asked about the most difficult thing he faced as a content creator, Ceddy explained how much he does not like it when a few netizens will express their opinions in such a rude way and spread hatred for no reason.

I’m also opinionated, but sometimes netizens in Malaysia will continue to do ‘personal attacks’ if they don’t agree with something. Ha, I don’t like that.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

Facebook Or Twitter?

In the same interview, we also asked which platform Ceddy likes the most as a Content Creator.

This is because every social media has its own version of followers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have different followers in terms of mentality, way of commenting on things, stance, and also different types of behaviour that may be difficult to understand.

A lot of people think this Twitter is toxic and stuff. But actually every platform has groups like this.

I, personally, prefer Twitter because if something goes viral, people will share and a lot of my content go viral through Twitter actually.

As for Facebook, I don’t really fancy it because there’s no filters there. Netizens there, for me – a bit extreme.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

If he could choose, Ceddy would choose Twitter as his favourite platform at the moment even though the platform often makes him ‘hated’ by a few netizens.

However, according to him again, Twitter is in fact, a medium where people share the content uploaded by him until it goes really viral.

Common misconceptions about Ceddy

Usually, I can be very opinionated and a bit fierce on social media.

But what they don’t know is that if they are nice to me, I will be 10 times nicer to them.

I don’t like to be provoked, and I will correct something that is right for me. Because if I don’t defend myself, then who will, right?

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

At the same time, he has also heard comments such as “I’m nervous to meet you” because he is a popular person on social media and known to many people out there.

He however humbly insisted that no one should have such feelings because at the end of the day, everyone breathes the same air and there is no need to feel intimidated by anyone, including himself.

What are some of the food that Ceddy can’t take?

As a ‘foodie’, Ceddy certainly has some types of food that he cannot eat or does not like, namely those that are too spicy, coriander (coriander leaves), and also meat.

Even so, Ceddy said he can still eat spicy food but he just can’t bear to finish it.

FUN FACT: Ceddy loves Petai so very much.

I can eat spicy food, I just can’t finish it.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

Owlet Beauty By Ceddy Ang

For your information, Ceddy introduced a brand of perfume produced by him which is called Owlet Beauty, in November 2022.

Owlet Beauty highlights the concept of selling perfumes at affordable prices and with diverse scents. With four (4) choices of scents that are Ceddy’s favourites, customers can try all four scents on offer which are:

  • Twig.
  • Nectar.
  • Dewdrop.
  • Petals.

We also asked why the perfume business was Ceddy’s choice since selling perfumes online is really a challenge because customers are not able to try them out before buying.

Selling perfume online is indeed risky because perfume is a very ‘personal’ and ‘intimate’ product and because you have to smell it first.

But I’m quite lucky as my followers will still buy the products I sell due to the fact that I’m known for my honesty when making any reviews on social media.

So, because of that, it’s easier for customers out there to trust me and buy my products.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.

In order to make this business a success, initially, as the Co-Founder of Owlet Beauty, Ceddy felt like he should produce premium perfume products at reasonable and affordable prices.

Get the smell of T20 for the price of B40, as he would say it.

Although I release content about food, I don’t cook in those videos.

Apart from food, I really like to take care of my personal hygiene and I spend a lot of money on facial skin care products.

Ceddy Ang, in an exclusive with TRP.
Ceddy even gave us an Ouwlet Beauty perfume for us. Code: TWIG. It’s not bad really. It’s a bit strong but for those who love strong notes, this is for you.
(Credit: Siti Murni / TRP)

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