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Shopee Influencers Upskill Their Niche To Better Engage With Followers

Shopee Influencers Upskill Their Niche To Better Engage With Followers

6 in 10 influencers intend to widen their knowledge on marketing and business strategy to stay relevant and rise in our digital economy.

Chandini Del

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Everybody loves to shop!

But just like people’s tastes, shopping trends tend to evolve over time. A recent study suggests that 83% of millennial shoppers engage in value-based shopping where their decisions are largely influenced by their personal values and ethical consumption.

This means that most modern shoppers are more cautious with their shopping habits and are usually persuaded by certain moral virtues like, whether the products they consume are ‘green’ or sustainable rather than just looking at how cheap or expensive they might be.

Recent shopping trends also show that younger shoppers from ‘generation Z’ use social media to empower their purchasing decisions.

This means that they are more inclined to buy something if they see a person they trust online using or promoting a product.

This is where social media influencers come in.

With the ability to attract and form their own online communities, influencers play a critical role in advising and providing recommendations to their respective followers on what and what not to buy.

Enter, Live-Shopping!

Live shopping has become the most trusted platform among these audiences for personal advice, two-way feedback, and product clarifications with compelling proof. 

Live-shopping or livestream shopping is where shoppers tune in to watch their favourite influencers host live get-togethers with their audience to display new items they find engaging, host Q&A sessions with them about the products, and even model or test the products live on air for everyone to see.

This method of shopping has become increasingly popular in countries like China and the rest of the world.

With the rise of value-based shopping, unboxing has become a popular trend with the younger generation entering the marketplace.

Influencers can use these insights to showcase the full potential of products and demonstrate their effectiveness in action, while developing their authentic voices and collaborating with other influencers within their niche spaces.

Shopee House, a place for creators!

Shopee’s recent study, “Past the Starting Line: Adapting to Malaysia’s Digital Consumers in 2023” found that 82% of Malaysian influencers feel excited about staying resilient and relevant on e-commerce. Of 940 local influencers surveyed, 60% had been with the platform for less than a year.

Shopee recognises the ever-changing shopping habits of their customers and offers various programmes focused on uplifting influencers. Shopee House is where creators get together twice a month to share, connect, and get to know each other, and Shopee Masterclass is a virtual programme where creators have knowledge-sharing sessions.

Many Shopee influencers are focused on strengthening their niche and connecting with value-based shoppers through transparency. Based on the feedback they receive from their followers, most of them demand more information on products so that they can make an informed decision before purchasing.

Shopee influencers understand the importance of genuine and authentic content so that they can relate to their followers. To achieve this, influencers engage consumers through Shopee Live, with 6 in 10 influencers prioritising more personalised video content and promoting relevant products through reviews, unboxing, tips, and tricks, and live demos.

We are excited to see such optimistic feedback from our influencer community and are thrilled to see their growth. These influencers will be a key driving factor in shaping the future of the digital economy and we are glad to see them take a step forward to widen their knowledge and skills through our Shopee Masterclasses.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia.

6 in 10 influencers intend to widen their knowledge on marketing and business strategy in order to stay relevant and rise in this digital economy. Since its inception in 2022, Shopee Masterclass has upskilled over 500 influencers, with notable sharing sessions by renowned local influencers such as SoImJenn, Safuan, Ceddy, and Dato’ Calvin. 

Shopee continues to expand opportunities at its Shopee Influencers Fest, allowing influencers to widen their connection within the community and foster relationships with brands. Additionally, Shopee’s KOL Masterclasses will incorporate more educational materials to help them adapt to evolving trends in e-commerce.

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