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Is Social Media Enough To Run & Grow A Business?

Is Social Media Enough To Run & Grow A Business?

Unifi Business solutions offer a complete ecosystem of high-speed connectivity, specialised services, personalised digital solutions and expert consultations for MSMEs to ‘go digital’ the easy way.

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Social media has revolutionised the way we interact as a community. If you think about it, there’s now a platform that can cater to most of our societal needs. 

If you’re looking to connect with distant friends and relations, there’s Facebook. There’s Twitter if you’re searching for bite-size news and information. And places like Instagram and TikTok can provide you with an endless array of content to keep you entertained and inspired.

So it’s really no surprise that social media platforms have become the #1 space where businesses go to in order to promote and sell their products and services online.

(Credit: Facebook/Instagram)

One of the reasons why this is so is that social media platforms can provide a more personalised and interactive experience between businesses and customers.

In fact, around 67% of Malaysian shoppers prefer to communicate and connect with businesses directly online before proceeding to ‘add to cart’.

Even e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee are now emulating the look and feel of social media sites by providing similar interactive features to grab people’s attention.

(Credit: Lazada)

But it takes more than just having an active social media presence to ensure that a business can stay competitive in the marketplace.

Although having an online business is relatively inexpensive compared to setting up a brick-and-mortar shop somewhere, has the potential to attract customers from far and wide, and is able to practically stay open around the clock. Just like any other business, a lot goes on in the backend to ensure that everything runs smoothly and securely.

And despite the fact that the barrier to entry in starting and maintaining an online business is low, it doesn’t mean that they’re not there.

Operating an online business can often be messy and requires a keen eye to spot things that might leave a business, especially the micro, small and medium (MSME) ones vulnerable. And it’s definitely a lot easier to have an expert guide your way through the rough ‘digital seas’.

This is exactly what Unifi Business aims to provide!

(Credit: Unifi Business)

Unifi Business solutions offer a complete ecosystem of high-speed connectivity, specialised services, personalised digital solutions and expert consultations for MSMEs to ‘go digital’ the easy way.

With a Unifi Business subscription, not only do you get a fast and reliable internet connection of up to 800mbps, but subscribers also get a bundle of cutting-edge systems to increase productivity and growth.

There are currently three suites of business solutions provided to Unifi Business subscribers in order to accelerate their online businesses, including the Unifi Cloud Storage suite, the Unifi eCommerce Hub and a state-of-the-art security system to protect against any cyber threats.

Unifi Cloud Storage

With Unifi Cloud Storage, businesses can easily manage the often tedious task of storing valuable information. Think of it as one big warehouse that provides a secure home for all your important files and information so your businesses can focus on growing and being profitable.

The service also provides access for multiple users from multiple access points or devices and secured encryption for better safety and productivity.

Business owners can sleep easier knowing that all your data is hosted locally at TM’s Green Data Centre-certified facilities here in the country much like the money you have stored safely and securely in a bank.

Unifi eCommerce Hub

The Unifi eCommerce Hub is designed to connect and maximise growth opportunities seamlessly by providing a single, easy-to-use and integrated platform to manage your business.

It’s like one big shopping mall that allows businesses to synchronise their offline and online sales channels, manage product inventories, and orders, monitor sales and revenue, as well as manage all the enquiries and “PM tepi” messages that you get on social media, all in one place.

With Unifi eCommerce Hub, you can also create your very own interactive website complete with built-in online payment features and delivery partner service to make things even easier for customers to purchase products and services online, and for you to build a community of loyal shoppers.

Always On-Security for Always-On Businesses

Supported by a world-leading cyber security system, Unifi Business subscribers can gain maximum protection against cyber threats with the Kaspersky Small Office Security solution.

This system combines the simplicity of PC protection with special capabilities to keep businesses safe with a simple and easy-to-use ‘set and forget’ security system that can protect your Windows, Mac PCs, laptops and Android devices, as well as Windows file servers from pesky malware.

It’s like having your very own IT security team who is always on alert to ensure that your valuable data, files and documents stay protected 24/7.

(Credit: Unifi Business)

The Unifi Business bundles are created to be affordable for MSMEs and are available for as low as RM139. Business owners can also pick and choose between the different suites or have ‘em all together depending on what they need.

Additionally, Unifi Business subscribers also gain access to a certified team of International Certification for Digital Literacy (ICDL) consultants who are always ready to provide continuous support and guidance and cater to your online business needs.

But that’s not all. Every Unifi Business customer gets to enjoy member benefits through the Unifi Business Club (uBC) including access to its online portal (, where businesses can be part of the larger community and get insightful and inspiring content including webinars, talk shows, live chats, events, business tips and articles. 

uBC members also have access to financial assistance, productivity boosters, digital marketing platforms, tools and community engagement programmes that are tailored to a variety of business needs.

uBC has supported over 380,000 businesses of all sizes and industries and aims to continue securing its position as the preferred digital partner for MSMEs.

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