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This Is How You Get 25% Off Your Dine-In Bill At Restaurants!

This Is How You Get 25% Off Your Dine-In Bill At Restaurants!

Why pay full price at restaurants when you can get a 25% discount to dine-in?

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Sure, there are a bunch of discounts if you order food delivery nowadays, but sometimes you just want to dine-in properly in a nice restaurant with proper ambience and food served in a nice big plate. Especially with the holiday season around the corner, everyone is itching to go out and have fun.

And in case you didn’t know, Foodpanda not only gives you discounts on your food delivery, but they also give you discounts whenever you dine-in!

A 25% flat discount on your dine-in bill.

Yup, and that’s on top of any discounts or promotion that the restaurant is running on their side too!

Foodpanda says that this 25% discount applies to anything that’s on the restaurant’s menu and all you need to do is just tell the restaurant you have a Foodpanda subscription before ordering your food.

Recently, Foodpanda brought us to Publika to show us what goodies come with a Pandapro subscription.

Baked goods, yummy food, and even drinks

Members of the media visited Delifrance’s flagship outlet in Publika, now with brand new chic French-inspired interiors, plus a large menu with plenty of pastries and local meals.

Whether you want Italian pasta or local Nasi Lemak, Delifrance has you covered.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Of course, when you’re there you certainly can’t miss out on the gorgeous pastries and breads. Why else would it be called a bakery, right?

Gorgeous breads and pastries available at Delifrance.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)
Satisfy your sweet tooth with their myriad of delicious French desserts.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Then, we also checked out the bar vibes at The Bee, which is also introducing a whole new food menu so you can get a full meal too!

(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

In fact, the mains came in generous portions and were full of flavour, a surprising meal considering that The Bee used to focus on snacks, finger food, and bar food.

Not to say that the bar food isn’t worth it, of course. Everything here is made from scratch, including the cheesy sauce for the nachos which is light on the tongue and made from real melted cheese.

The cheesy nachos platter is a must-order for any occasion, whether you’re sharing with friends or eating it on your own.
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

Of course, the day isn’t complete without a drink. Pick up a coffee (or two!), and you’ll get the 25% discount on any number of drinks.

We will never say no to coffee, especially if it’s on discount!
(Credit: Anne Dorall/TRP)

So how do you use the discount?

The dine-in discount is available to all Pandapro subscribers. Just look for it on your homepage.

Dine-in as usual, the only thing you need to do is simply let the restaurant know that you are a Pandapro subscriber who wants to use the discount. Then, before you pay your bill, redeem the discount on the app, which will generate a unique voucher code. Once the cashier inputs the unique code, your bill will be discounted!

You can use it 3 times per outlet (so yes, restaurant hopping is definitely on the menu)! The dine-in discount is available for all menu items any day.

For more details, check it out the Foodpanda app.

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