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Chivas Rises To The Occasion In Epic Party Celebrating The New Gen

Chivas Rises To The Occasion In Epic Party Celebrating The New Gen

A fantastic weekend and a new limited edition bottle featuring Kpop sensation Lisa!

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Whisky brings with it a sense of tradition and a touch of melancholy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Chivas Regal smashed open that assumption with a 2-night-long party that pays tribute to the up-and-coming generation pumped full of energy and passion for art, music, and everything they do.

Guests were treated to a great night of powerful music, edgy fashion, incredible dances, and of course, the new Chivas 12 in a mixture of fun cocktails.

A fun night made better with Chivas 12 cocktails.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

R, I, S, E

There’s more to Chivas than just drinks, as shown by the four specially-curated rooms that takes you on a journey through Chivas’ passions. Joining hands with four personalities, the Hero Risers, they created a novel walkway spelling out RISE that also showcases the best of industry talents.

The floorplan of the I Rise We Rise party made full use of the space.
(Credit: Chivas Regal/Facebook)

Architectural Designer Pamela Tan created a unique tunnel of lights and colours inspired by the sunrise and the smooth gold liquid of Chivas. Her interpretation of ‘I Rise, We Rise’ was built within the ‘I’ room, the straight tunnel brightly lit up.

The yellow lights and angular edges brought to mind movement and energy, making it a gorgeous backdrop for photography for you to stand in while being a literal walk toward the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Pamela Tan’s bright and colourful art installation points you towards the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

Following that, we head into a colourful mural created by artists Wong Ming Hao, Wong Chee Hwa, and Jason Teo. Painted on the curved graffiti walls is a semi-realistic painting done up in a whimsical comic-style drawing. The three artists worked together to convey the breaking of boundaries and creating endless possibilities, just like how Chivas continues to do so globally.

In fact, visitors were welcome to leave their own mark on the walls, and to try their own hand at a bit of graffiti! The glow-in-the dark spray paint lit up with traces from everyone who walked though the installation, a bright mish-mash of fun notes and signatures.

Graffiti is all about self-expression and having fun.
(Credit: Chivas Malaysia/Facebook)

Next is a little shrine dedicated to both fashion and football. Renowned streetwear label Nerdunit founder Ronald Chew and his team created a pair of limited-edition jerseys in time for the FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar.

Raise The Roof

Last but not least, the final bend opens up to the large wall-less hall of Sentul Depot, packed with partygoers in wild fashions and a fashionable black cup in hand. The huge stage is backed by a massive screen, with a stunning light show that sweeps across the crowd.

Partygoers were treated to a fabulous show.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

Work hard, play hard is the name of the game. Just like the hustlers that Chivas pays homage to, the party itself is a high note from beginning ’til the end.

The bartending stage smack in the middle of the hall is headed by Hero Riser Jon Lee of Penrose KL, together with his peers Shawn Chong of Bar Mizukami, Karl Too of Happy Stan, Julian Brigget of Bar Trigona, Affie Adut of Here & Now, and Mel John Chavez of Smoke & Mirrors in Singapore.

Carefully hand-crafted for each party-goer.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

Each bartender created a fantastic special cocktail for the evening, featuring the bold new Chivas 12. Who says whisky has to be taken neat? The Chivas 12 goes wonderfully in cocktails, as the younger whisky has sweeter honey notes that lends a depth to any drink.

All the Chivas cocktails, all night long.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

The DJs never stopped keeping the party going, as DJ Reeve and his DJs Playground collective pumped out beat after beat after beat. Local favourites such as DJ Pennie, Ramsey Westwood, and BATE played up the immense energy of the crowd alongside international acts such as DJ Pei Pei from Taiwan, SCNDL from Australia, and Roxy June from Thailand.

MC Vibe getting into the party vibe with Chivas in hand.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

12 Years A Whisky

The party also saw the launch of the new Chivas 12 bottle, changed to reflect the changing times yet still recognisably classic. The redesign sees the iconic Chivas 12 bottle elongated to stand taller and prouder, though still retaining its rounded shoulders.

The crest itself has seen a redesign as well, showcasing the ‘luckenbooth’ icon, representative of Chivas’ ambition, generosity, and unapologetic success.

Each measure of Chivas deserves great attention.
(Credit: Fernando Fong/TRP)

We believe this generation of scotch whisky drinkers definitely resonate with the message of ‘I Rise, We Rise’ that inspires success by your own terms and raising the community around you.

Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia

Rise Up With LISA

In case you missed the news, LISA was announced as the first female face of Chivas in Asia earlier this year.

Lisa as the face of Chivas.
(Credit: Chivas Regal)

If you’re a big enough fan of Lisa, pick up her very own limited edition bottle of the Chivas 18, which is a beautiful symbol of the luxuriously rich and complex taste that masterfully blends malt and grain whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland.

The fun and vibrant limited edition bottle features Lisa’ signature and iconic star shape.
(Credit: Chivas Regal/Instagram)

Not only that, Lisa even has her own specialty cocktail, aptly named ‘Pink Spice’ after her sweet yet fierce personality and enhances the 85 tasting notes in the Chivas 18.

Pink Spice recipe features a party mix of flavours such as sweet guava, tart lemon, spicy Tabasco in a smooth base of Chivas 18. Top the cocktail off with a chilli garnish and the drink is ready to spice up any party.

A pretty pink drink to go with a pretty pink bottle.
(Credit: Chivas)

I had so much fun working with the team at Chivas on this limited-edition bottle. The bottle is typical LISA– bright, bold, and unique– and I’m so excited for everyone to finally see it. It is amazing to now have my own bottle– and cocktail to!

Lisa on her own limited edition bottle.

Stay tuned to the official Shopee store or the Chivas Malaysia Facebook page to find out how you can get your own Chivas 18 LISA Limited Edition bottle.

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