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Limitless With Chris Hemsworth – Learning How To Embrace Stress Is Key For A Fulfilling Life [Review]

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth – Learning How To Embrace Stress Is Key For A Fulfilling Life [Review]

Chris Hemsworth is put through a series of challenging tasks to help him learn how to overcome his fears and worries, especially the unavoidable ones, head on.

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No matter who we are or where we come from, everyone experiences fear and stress. However, we’re not really told or taught how to be brave and courageous.

It’s not helpful when most of society treats it as something you must naturally know. We tell others to “chill out” or “you can do it” but some of us were never shown how to master the very emotions that hold us back.

This is where National Geographic’s original series ‘Limitless with Chris Hemsworth’ offers some helpful answers.

In the series created by Darren Aronofsky, the actor, together with the audience, will learn how they can overcome their own fears and stresses in order to unlock the secrets of living a longer and healthier life.

What to expect?

What sets this series apart from shows like Fear Factor is that Chris also meets up with experts and scientists who will explain and show how our stress and fears affect our mental space, physiology and more.

In each episode, Chris is put through a few nerve-wracking challenges designed to teach him how to manage his fears and stresses, especially the ones that are unavoidable.

While performing these tasks, the experts will guide and teach him ways to embrace the stress and face it head-on, and build mental toughness in the process.

Luke Zocchi watches as Dr. Modupe Akinola measures Chris’s physiological responses. (National Geographic for Disney+/Craig Parry)

The extreme activities the actor is put through may not directly apply to the stresses we deal with in life but the lesson is the revelation that you can overcome your fears if you put in the work.

It’s like being afraid of rock climbing but once you reach the top, you realise you can do it if you just push through your fears. You’ll also see improvements when you keep doing it a few more times.

The sixth episode ‘Acceptance’ is relatable to everyone because it’s about death and aging.

It can be an uneasy and morbid watch but it’s something we’ll have to contend with because death is an eventual certainty for everyone.

Death can be scary because we’ll never know for sure when it’ll happen to us. As a family man, Chris worries about this too because he doesn’t want to leave his young family behind in a lurch.

Chris Hemsworth takes a rest from the aerobics class, exhausted by the age simulation suit. Chris reflects on the impact of aging on the body. (National Geographic for Disney+/Craig Parry)

In order to learn how to be brave about it, we must contend with the knowledge that we’ll all grow old and gradually lose some of our physical independence.

Since there’s no time machine yet, Chris gets insights on how to embrace aging by spending time with the elderly folks who seemed to have cracked the code.

The lessons learned were humbling because no one can escape sorrow and death but we can still live fulfilling lives until the very end.

Some of the lessons unearthed in the episode include giving ourselves time and space to deal with our difficult feelings and also to appreciate what we can still do today.

Should you watch it?

The show imparts many lessons that are relevant to anyone of any age and may prove helpful to those who need some motivation in some way.

It wasn’t easy for Chris Hemsworth either to confront his fears and stresses but if he could after many tries, you could too.

‘Limitless by Chris Hemsworth’ premiers on 16 November 2022 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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