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Rural School In Pahang Gets Multimedia Studio, Thanks To Taylor’s & A Very Inspiring Teacher

Rural School In Pahang Gets Multimedia Studio, Thanks To Taylor’s & A Very Inspiring Teacher

The first-of-its-kind multimedia studio in Malaysia is designed to help students learn technical digital skills and IT-related knowledge.

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There is nothing more appealing to a 16-year-old than an XBOX or a PS5. Give a child an option between reading a book and playing a video game, and they most likely will choose the latter.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in today’s day and age. Digital literacy and skills have become increasingly important. Students currently in school will inevitably grow up in a predominantly digital economy. 

Cikgu Mohammad Hazeem Azemi, a special needs teacher at SMK Kuala Krau and winner of the 2022 RISE Educator of the Year Award organised by Taylor’s College and its student engagement arm, The Risers, recognises the importance of developing his students’ knowledge in the multimedia industry.

As SMK Kuala Krau is made up of Orang Asli and special needs students, the digital gap between urban and rural areas, particularly for students with disabilities, means that the students have very little experience with digital tools.

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At the height of the pandemic, Cikgu Hazeem saw his students struggle with online classes. He decided to build a small studio in his house and noticed that students were fascinated by the way it looked. That kept them engaged and motivated to attend online classes consistently.

At the end of the movement control order (MCO), I found a new purpose – to build a multimedia studio for the students to help them develop their skills in the digital arena.

Cikgu Hazeem

With the RM10,000 in sponsorship he won from the RISE Educator Award, Cikgu Hazeem spearheaded the development of SMK Kuala Krau’s Studio Multimedia Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi (PPKI).

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Being the first-of-its-kind multimedia studio in a public school in Malaysia, it is equipped with computers, video lighting and more to help students learn technical digital skills such as content creation, photo and video editing, broadcasting, virtual gaming and other IT-related knowledge.

Taylor’s College also sponsored 15 tablets and 50 content creator kits to be used in the multimedia studio. Students who complete the multimedia course offered by the school through Studio Multimedia PPKI will also be given a ‘Sijil Kemahiran Tahap 3’ which they can use to apply for jobs.

Support our Superheroes!

(Credit: TRP/Taylor’s)

Taylor’s College Campus Director, Josephine Tan, regards Cikgu Hazeem and other like-minded educators as our nation’s ‘superheroes’, as they go the extra mile and do not let anything stop them from doing all they can for their students.

If we don’t support them, who will?

Josephine Tan, Campus Director, Taylor’s College

She calls for more industry players and willing parties to join hands in supporting and encouraging these educators so that they are empowered to do more in the areas that need attention and development. 

She adds that Taylor’s College aims to narrow the gap between privileged and underprivileged students for the betterment of the communities in Malaysia. Apart from the RISE Educator Award, Taylor’s recently introduced 13 Impact Labs that integrate research, education and advocacy to deliver practical solutions for societal problems.

Work hard, play hard

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Citing Apex Legends as his favourite video game, 16-year-old Irfan, one of Cikgu Hazeem’s autistic students is thrilled to have a new multimedia studio in school. Irfan has represented Malaysia twice in the Global IT Challenge in South Korea under the guidance of Cikgu Hazeem. 

When asked what was his favourite thing about the new studio, he immediately replied: “PS5!”

Equipping these students with tools, skills and even hobbies that allow them to navigate the world with ease not only opens new job opportunities for them but also helps build their confidence and social skills which is an equally, if not more important aspect for these children.

Irfan’s ambition is to be an online streamer in the future. Given that it’s one of the most profitable jobs today, we see no issues with that. Thanks to Taylor’s College and local superheroes like Cikgu Hazeem, the young generation from less fortunate backgrounds can dream big. And with continuous support and encouragement, they can close the gap between their dreams and reality.

Watch Cikgu Hazeem’s story and the launch of SMK Kuala Krau’s Studio Multimedia PPKI here:

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To find out more about Taylor’s College RISE Educator Award, visit their website HERE. #TaylorsCollege #RISEEducatorAward

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