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What’s The Secret Blend Of Success?

What’s The Secret Blend Of Success?

The Chivas “I Rise, We Rise” campaign is for the hustlers who elevate themselves and those around them.

Chandini Del

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Success means different things to different people. For some, it may be owning a house to call their own. For others, it may be finally gathering the courage to ask the guy they’ve been swooning over out on a date. 

No matter how big or small our successes are, victories taste sweeter when we share them with others. Showing off the new home that you’ve worked hard to purchase on social media, or texting your friends to tell them you’re going on a date this weekend, makes you feel like you’re truly winning in life. 

But sharing does more than just validate our successes. It affirms the hopes and dreams of others around us and lets them know that “Hey, if someone did it, we can do it too!”

“Rise” to the occasion

(Credit: Chivas Malaysia via Facebook)

This 28 and 29 October 2022, the Chivas “I Rise, We Rise” pop-up event at Sentul Depot celebrates local talents who pioneered paths to success for themselves and their communities.

In line with Chivas’ philosophy that success is meant to be shared, the “I Rise, We Rise” campaign is created for the hustlers – a new generation that carve their own paths and elevate themselves as well as the people around them.

Attendees will stand a chance to win exclusive tickets for the Chivas Regal x LISA virtual event, Asia’s first immersive brand-owned virtual event to interact with K-Pop icon and the new Chivas Regal Global Ambassador, LISA.

(Credit: Chivas Regal)

Not only that, the “I Rise, We Rise” event will also unveil the new Chivas 12 bottle – a bolder, fresher design housing the classic taste of Chivas.

(Credit: Chivas Regal via Twitter)

The pop-up event will showcase the talents of our four local Hero Risers – Ronald Chew, Jon Lee and Pamela Tan in specially curated rooms that personify what “I Rise, We Rise” means to them. DJ Reeve and his collective, DJs Playground, will be setting the main stage on fire with electrifying sets alongside several international acts, doing what they do best.

What does success mean to you?

For Ronald Chew, founder of the streetwear label NERDUNIT, the passion for shaping future generations through fashion and culture drives him to keep going.

(Credit: Ronald Chew via Instagram)

I believe success is only achieved when the people around me are all successful, happy and growing.

Ronald Chew, founder of NERDUNIT.

Ronald created a brand that blends design, culture and art, that’s successfully translated into wearable pieces. Almost a decade into the business, they are the only Malaysian brand that owns flagship stores in Tokyo and London.

(Credit: Jon Lee via Instagram)

For the founder of Penrose KL, Jon Lee, mastering the craft of blending spirits was no simple feat. A year after opening his first Brasserie at the age of 22, he learned to bartend and was offered a job at Tippling Club, Singapore. 

Under the mentorship of world-renowned bartender Joe Schofield, Jon widened his knowledge and passion for beautifully curated cocktails.

Success isn’t a destination. It is the constant journey that gives it its meaning and purpose.

Jon Lee, founder of Penrose KL.

Now with a sling of bartending accolades to his name, Jon is taking Malaysia’s cocktail culture to new heights. Much like the evolution of classic cocktails, Penrose KL is inspired by the Penrose Tiling of 5 – a highly-structured pattern that does not repeat itself.

(Credit: DJ Reeve via Instagram)

DJ Reeve, founder of DJs Playground, a modernized music academy also attributes his success to those who have paved the way in the world of deejaying. 

DJs Playground was established with the aim of making deejaying and modern music accessible and affordable for everyone, and to instil skills to the young ones. It is Malaysia’s first and only DJ academy and showroom certified by Pioneer DJ and equipped with the widest range of Pioneer DJ systems in the store.

Success is having a place to call home – and with the existence of DJs Playground, we can proudly say that it has created a safe space here in gathering DJs & music enthusiasts alike to network, collaborate and learn from each other.

DJ Reeve, founder of DJs Playground.
(Credit: Pamela Tan via Instagram)

For Pamela Tan, founder of Poh Sin Studio, the ability to help a social housing community through her art was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

The award-winning architectural artist proposed a simple and vibrant mural to be painted on two abandoned badminton courts at PPR Sri Tioman 1 so that the kids could use the courts again. She engaged the residents to join in the process to liven up their residential space. 

Her experimental work through elements of art, architecture and design aims to blur the boundaries between creative disciplines. Having showcased her art in various spaces throughout her career, her upcoming installation is in collaboration with Chivas for their “I Rise, We Rise” pop-up event.

I find the word ‘Rise’ in Chivas’ “I Rise, We Rise” campaign theme uplifting. It reminded me of the saying, ‘When the sun rises, it rises for everyone’. I like that meaning of how every sunrise signifies a new beginning and there is always hope for everyone. The site context of the artwork is in the form of letter ‘I’ in plan view. Hence, I thought it would be interesting to insert a ‘tunnel’ element that frames a sunrise where one can walk through a literal ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Pamela Tan, founder of Poh Sin Studio.

It’s a win-win party!

To be a part of Chivas “I Rise, We Rise”, limited tickets are available through registration HERE. Tickets can also be obtained by purchasing bottles via the Pernod Ricard E-Commerce store. 

Follow Chivas Malaysia on Facebook to stay updated on performances, activations, and guest bartenders at the Chivas “I Rise, We Rise” event.

In case you missed the event, head over to their website for event details and more information on Chivas’ collaborations. 

The Chivas “I Rise, We Rise” event is strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above only. Remember to be responsible and don’t drink and drive.

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