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Worrying About Money When You’re Abroad? Not Anymore!

Worrying About Money When You’re Abroad? Not Anymore!

Visa provides customers with simple and on-demand solutions to make it easier for everyone to manage their finances across borders.

Akmal Hakim

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For most people, the chance to study or live abroad is a dream come true—the excitement of leaving the nest to fly off somewhere far and unfamiliar, meeting new people, learning different languages, and embracing other cultures is an experience like no other, and something one must discover for themselves.

But to traverse the world without worry, we must first have the funds to do so. After all, money does make the globe go round!

And although we currently live in an internet-connected age where we can have instant access to goods, services and information on the go, sending and receiving money around the world can be a headache to get around.

This is because international payments and transactions have to go through multiple processes before the money transfer is completed.

This process would often enforce unnecessary fees for people making cross-border transactions and give little control over when your money gets to its intended destination. Not to mention the hassle of having to calculate those exchange rates in your head…

But, the good news is that there are faster and cheaper ways for us to send and spend money across the world without worry.

(Credit: KAL VISUALS/Courtney Cook via Unsplash)

Partnering with financial institutions around the globe, Visa provides customers with simple and on-demand solutions to make it easier for everyone to manage their finances across borders and help you move money around quickly and securely, anytime and almost anywhere in the world.

With services like Visa’s Multicurrency Debit and Prepaid Cards, customers can rest easy knowing that their money safely gets to where it needs to go without additional costs.

What can Visa do for you?

(Credit: Emil Kalibradov/ Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash)

Visa offers a variety of services to help you with your monetary needs.

Imagine that you’re currently studying abroad and in need of some extra cash from your parents to pay off your tuition fees or that month’s rent and living expenses.

With Visa, your mum and dad can seamlessly send you the money through their preferred Visa-connected services in an instant at competitive foreign currency exchange rates and without additional fees.

Customers also have the option to switch and spend between different currencies depending on their needs.

Carrying a Visa’s Multicurrency Debit or Prepaid Card can also provide you with easier ways to keep, manage and spend your money overseas without having to carry bundles of foreign cash around because Visa is a widely accepted payment method employed by most merchants as well as institutions all over the world.

Now picture yourself living in a foreign country and wanting to get some groceries from the corner store and having to take a taxi back to your dormitory.

With Visa, you can fill your shopping cart, purchase the items, and pay for your ride by simply tapping or swiping without the worry of having to pay those conversion fees, and instantly keep track of your spending via instant notifications and simple financial statements

Plus, if you do need cash in hand, you can also easily withdraw money at any Visa ATMs available almost anywhere in the world.

With Visa, you can rest easy knowing that you’d always have access to your money anytime and anywhere in the world.

Keen on seeing where Visa can take you? Sign up for a Visa Multicurrency Debit and Prepaid Cards today.

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