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It’s Time To ‘KungFu’ Your Way Out Of Bad Luck!

It’s Time To ‘KungFu’ Your Way Out Of Bad Luck!

Drive away a Proton X50 and win shopping vouchers worth thousands of ringgit.

Chandini Del

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From choosing lucky numbers to not getting a haircut on Wednesdays, most of us have come across or even observe a few superstitions, whether we believe them or not. 

For example, it’s considered bad luck in Chinese culture to gift someone a timepiece as it represents… well, that the clock is ticking and your time is almost up. 

In most Asian cultures it’s also considered bad luck to gift your partner a pair of shoes, because they might walk out of your life. Another interpretation is that if a couple is dating but not living together, they are cursed to part ways, because shoes need to be in a pair.

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And who doesn’t know about the ominous ‘Friday the 13th’? The unlucky number 13 is so dreaded in Western culture that most buildings omit the 13th floor and airports in Western countries don’t have a 13th gate.

However, according to Spanish tradition, it’s not Friday the 13th that’s scary but Tuesday the 13th. Cubans who believe in this superstition would never plan significant events on this date to avoid getting jinxed.

There are measures to ward off bad luck though. 

If you accidentally break a mirror, you can place the shards under running water to wash the seven years of bad luck away.

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The ‘evil eye’ charm is used across many different cultures around the world, including Asian, Arab, Jewish and Mexican cultures to ward off the true ‘evil eye’ – a curse transmitted through a malicious glare, usually out of envy. 

And just like some numbers bring you bad luck, some numbers can turn your fortune around.  

By matching the 8 winning numbers, one lucky lady from Cheras won the Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1000 daily for the next 20 years, with Magnum’s KungFu Stampcard campaign!

Feeling lucky?

You too can win RM1000 everyday for 20 years when you match the 8 winning numbers with Magnum Life. 

The best part is, each ticket only costs RM1.

Not only that, from 22 August to 16 October, Magnum’s KungFu Stampcard campaign gives you the chance to win amazing prizes worth up to RM1 million!

(Credit: Magnum)

​​Step 1: Buy any Magnum lucky pick ticket worth RM10 & above and receive 1 stamp.

Step 2: Get rewarded when you complete a stamp and redeem instant prizes for the first 3 stamps.

Step 3: Complete all 4 stamps and submit your stamp card at any Magnum store to qualify for the Grand Prize lucky draw.

With the luck of the draw on your side, you could drive away a brand new Proton X50 and win shopping vouchers worth thousands of ringgit.

There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy, so the more you buy during the campaign period, the higher your chances of winning! Remember, fortune favours the bold. 

Winners will be notified via phone call, MyMagnum 4D mobile app and during their Facebook Live. Terms and conditions apply. Full details are available, HERE.

Remember to play responsibly. Magnum 4D is only available for non-Muslims above the age of 21.

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