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Hit The Ground Running With The New Adidas 4DFWD 2 [Review]

Hit The Ground Running With The New Adidas 4DFWD 2 [Review]

The new Adidas 4DFWD 2 promises to give non-stop, smooth forward transitions.

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With countless options of running shoes available in the market, it’s almost impossible to not find something that’ll suit your needs and style. 

However, to create a genuinely groundbreaking pair of running shoes is no walk in the park.

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I had the chance to try out the new Adidas 4DFWD 2, which claims to be the running shoe of the future.

Two steps FWD

The 4DFWD 2 doesn’t look like your average running shoes. One look at the pair of kicks and you’d immediately notice the unique lattice structure of the 4DFWD 2’s midsole. This unique design is based on research, millions of midsole variations and the hard work of dozens of experts.

(Credit: TRP)

It’s a shoe Adidas told me is suited to heel-strikers, who will gain the most benefit from the propulsive midsole.

The 4D-printed midsole and the new Primeknit+ upper provide extra support and a snug fit. Adidas fine-tuned these aspects of the shoe based on user feedback from the previous 4DFWD as users felt it was not supportive enough.

The 4DFWD 2 also has a new integrated heel counter for better support at the rear. Additional grip is provided by the Continental rubber outsole, used in many of the best Adidas running shoes.

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Out of the box

I’m not what one would call a professional runner, but I am a heel-striker when I run, so I was curious to experience the ‘forward motion benefit’ from the midsole. All foams in running shoes return energy, but the main point of the 4DFWD 2 is to turn downward force into forward momentum.

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It feels different, for sure. It’s a smooth, fluid-like sensation – like you’re moving forward in one, singular motion. The moment you pick up the pace, the responsiveness dials up and offers the sort of energy feedback that helps propel you forward. 

The shoes aren’t exactly light, but I don’t feel the weight when I run. I didn’t test these out for long-distance running, so if you run for anything more than 30 minutes you might start to feel it a little.

(Credit: TRP)

The Continental outsole didn’t catch my attention that much, maybe because I’ve seen this in other Adidas shoes already. But I did find the shoes soft and comfortable to use for leisure wear as much as I did for running. 

However, the design of the lattice structure might warrant some unwanted effort on your part. It will catch a lot of dirt within its structure, so it will need more attention and regular cleaning, unless you’re not too bothered about all this.

(Credit: TRP)

Aesthetically, the 4DFWD 2 doesn’t really chalk up to being one of the best-looking shoes out there, but it is a performance shoe so it doesn’t matter as much. Personally, I think it looks pretty good for a running shoe and you can definitely put together an athleisure look with the right outfit.

The new Adidas 4DFWD 2 is now available in several colorways including a Carbon Cloud White and Impact Orange for men, and Grey Five and Cloud White for women. The shoes are priced at RM899 and are available to purchase online or in Adidas stores near you.

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