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First Time Heading To A Concert? Here Are The Do’s & Don’ts You Need To Know

First Time Heading To A Concert? Here Are The Do’s & Don’ts You Need To Know

The Good Vibes Weekender 2022 is coming this weekend on 23 & 24 September, so let’s get prepared!

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The Good Vibes Weekender is almost here guys! Aren’t you excited?

Previously known as Good Vibes Festival, this year, after two years of a long hibernation, they’re back with a Good Vibes Weekender 2022!

We bet you’re so psyched to go to the concert this weekend! So are we!

But what if you’re a first-timer? What should you bring and not bring to a concert?

Here are some pointers to help you out:


Bring Cash!

There’s no ATM on the festival ground guys so bring a good amount of cash when you go.

You can also bring your card or use QR Pay. But just in case they don’t have those, just bring along some cash to be safe. Just keep them safe in your pockets and wallets though!

(Credit: Good Vibes Festival / Facebook)

Bring a Powerbank / Portable Charger

You’ll be using your phone a lot at a concert. If not for the social media updates, you’ll be using them to take pics and videos of the atmosphere, connect with friends and probably use the GPS or e-hailing services to get to and go back from the event. You will also need your phone for the flashlight (don’t bring a light stick though) thing at night!

These are going to drain your batteries so make sure to bring a fully charged power bank with you. And don’t forget the cables as well!

Wear Old Sneakers or Comfortable Boots

(Credit: Good Vibes Festival / Facebook)

Since the GVW2022 is going to be held in Sunway Lagoon at Surf Beach. They’re going to drain the surf beach so it is a dry event. However, be ready for a sandy affair!

Last few years at Genting Highlands, festival goers rocked on the muddy ground but it still didn’t deter their exciting spirits.

While it’s going to be a little sandy this weekend, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or boots, and not the expensive kinds too. If you don’t mind them getting wet or a bit smudged, well then have at it then! As long as you enjoy!

Waterproof everything!

Since Malaysian weather is never predictable (one minute it’s scorching hot the other minute there’s a storm), it’s our duty to be prepared always.

So if you’re bringing a bag, equipped that waterproof bag with raincoats (we don’t recommend an umbrella, you’ll accidentally poke other people or obstruct their view of the stage – you’ll definitely get some haters this way), a waterproof phone casing and maybe even waterproof shoe covers if you really love your shoes (again, not advisable to wear your fancy Hypebeasts or Yeezys).

If you’re coming with a bag, make sure to not bring a bulky one as it’ll just get in the way of you jumping up and down at a concert. Try a fanny pack or a small crossbody bag. You can also decide not to bring a bag and just have your phones and cards with you. Just make sure they’re safe and secure with you though!

Bring along a Mini Hand Fan, Caps, Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Since the concert will open its gates at 4 pm, just in case the unpredictable weather gets hot, bring along a few things to keep you cool.

You can bring your sunscreen and rock your sunglasses at the event (sunglasses never fail to make you look cool).

(Credit: Good Vibes Festival / Facebook)

Wear headgear like bucket hats, caps or beanies too to complete the aesthetic look and to cover yourself from the sun.

Additionally, you could also bring along your mini electric fan or a hand fan in case it gets a bit suffocating and you just need some cool air.

Don’t forget the Tissues / Wet Tissues

Tissues are needed the most when you don’t bring them and are so not needed when you do (it’s frustrating sometimes 😤).

But since you’re going to sweat a lot in a crowded place, it’s good to be handy with a tissue. Wet tissues are also needed if you wanna wipe the sands off your beloved shoes or outfits.

Don’t go on an empty stomach

You will never enjoy anything if your belly is always grumbling. We don’t need hangry people at a concert! Do not kill the funky vibes people!

Do fill yourselves up before coming to the concert this weekend. You need the energy to jump, yell sing, and vibe for hours here so make sure you’re energised.

If you’re still hungry at the festival, don’t worry, just head on to their food and drinks are all available to purchase at the event.


Don’t wear heels or flip flops

You’ll be standing for a long time at a concert so heels are a big No-No unless you want bruised feet later on.

Flip flops and sandals are not prohibited but still, if it’s easier to slip on, it’s super easy to slip off too. You don’t wanna be jumping up and down and missing a shoe while you’re at it.

No DSLR or professional cameras allowed

Concerts are paid for a reason and it is to give the best experience to fans who are willing to spend a lot to see their idols.

Hence, it makes perfect sense that all professional recordings from DSLR or SLR are not allowed in the event. Even the media has limits on recordings too!

(Credit: Good Vibes Festival / Facebook)

But we do understand if you wanna whip out your phone and record this once-in-a-lifetime experience for your social media. We just gotta take one for the gram!

Just be sure to not record the whole performance and don’t watch the concert on your phones. Enjoy the music live and you’ll definitely experience it better!

No outside food & drinks or cigarettes

Many concerts do not allow outside food and drinks because they have their own inside the venue. They’re just priced a bit more 🙃.

For this Good Vibes Weekender, no outside food or drinks are allowed, even your own water bottles, so do take note! Bring enough money to support your appetite from 4 pm to midnight.

But hey, a few breath mints or so wouldn’t hurt. You don’t wanna let your friends pass out with your ‘fragrant’ breath when you’re rocking on the wrong lyrics near them. (Don’t forget to wear deodorant too before coming to the concert, just for friends’ consideration)

Moreover, and this goes without saying, cigarettes and lighters are a big NO NO! They might cause a fire or some other hazards.

Don’t lose your wristbands!

Specifically for this Good Vibes Weekender, since it’s a two-day event, the wristbands that you’ll be getting before you enter should always be on your wrists throughout the event (don’t bother to even remove them if you’re going for both days).

They’re your passes to go in and out of the concert. If you lose your wristbands, you’ll be escorted out or can’t even enter the place. So keep your wristbands on!

(Credit: Good Vibes Festival / Facebook)

Pre-festival wristbands were given earlier last week at Sunway Pyramid for those who wanna get them early but worry not, they’ll also be giving out the wristbands on the registration day itself.

If you’re a first-timer and don’t know what to expect at the GVW2022, you can take a look at the highlights from GVF18 and GVF19. They look so awesome! We can’t wait for this weekend!

If you haven’t already bought your tickets, you can still do so here. Tickets are still available from RM499 to RM999.

For more info on this weekend’s event, visit Good Vibes Festival’s Facebook and Instagram. You can see the artist line-up, schedule, festival map and more.

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