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Can’t Decide On A Big Or Small Wristwatch? Why Not BOTH?!

Can’t Decide On A Big Or Small Wristwatch? Why Not BOTH?!

The GST-B500 series is the slimmest and lightest version of the G-Steel ever made.

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We often hear people flaunting that bigger is always better. But how much does size matter when it comes to personal accessories like wristwatches?

TRP got the chance to check out Casio’s new line of G-Steel GST-B500 watch series to see how it measures up as a stylish and feature-packed accessory to fit any lifestyle.

Priced at between RM1,480 and RM1,850 the GST-B500 series is available at G-Factory and G-Shock stores as well as authorised dealers nationwide.

Sizing up the G-Steel

(Credit: TRP)

The GST-B500 is the latest in the line of G-Shock’s affordable, super tough metal wristwatches and is the slimmest and lightest version of the G-Steel ever made.

There are four different versions of the GST-B500 series in slight variations of colour. I gravitated to the golden GST-B500GD-9A for its luxurious aesthetics that blends well with darker skin tones. The golden glimmer of its main body and dials are accented nicely against the black background, and the small amounts of white on the watch’s hands make it pop out and easily visible at one glance.

The GST-B500 is constructed with stainless steel and G-Shock’s signature Carbon Core Guard to provide optimum shock-resistant protection. The watch is, of course, water resistant and can be taken to depths of up to 200meters, so you don’t have to be afraid to get wet.

It also comes with a neat solar-powered function to ensure that the clock is always ticking. The bezel on the watch is also treated in multiple finishes to make it shine and shimmer at every angle even in dim lighting.

Big features, smaller package

(Credit: TRP)

Besides having an ol’ skool analogue watch face, the GST-B500 also sports a smaller digital screen that shows the date, a stopwatch and a countdown timer. And although it’s not considered a smartwatch, the GST-B500 still comes packed with some smart features.

At the press of a button, the watch’s very distinctive three-pronged indicator can revolve to point out different functions available to the wearer, and below it, is an indicator that shows the amount of battery power left.

The GST-B500 is also able to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing wearers to easily change the watch’s settings on their mobile devices and access more features like setting up reminders, up to five separate alarm clocks as well as a ‘phone finder’ function.

Once the watch is synced to your mobile devices, it can also accurately adjust itself automatically to the time zone that you’re in anywhere in the world.

Taking the G-Steel for a spin

(Credit: TRP)

After spending some time with the GST-B500, we can say that its signature design and functionality make it a fashionable accessory for any occasion. And despite being the slimmest and thinnest G-Steel yet, the GST-B500 is still a sizable wristwatch that is easy to tell the time with.

It has buttons that are just the right size to conveniently access all of the watch’s functions, and while weighing in at about 143 grams, the GST-B500 is convenient and light for everyday wear.

(Credit: TRP)

The watch’s flashy metallic colours are hard to miss but it doesn’t make you look too overdressed during informal excursions like hanging out at the shopping mall or doing something extreme like hitting the half-pipes.

(Credit: TRP)

And having a GST-B500 on the wrist will make wearers feel elegant and ready for adventures. The watch has a sturdiness to it that makes you wanna go all out and live the #YOLO life.

(Credit: TRP)

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to take the GST-B500 for a night out on the town. The watch’s clean-cut features will make for a good conversation starter and leave an impression on the people you spend time with.

(Credit: TRP)

And since G-Steels are built to withstand certain shocks and impacts you don’t have to worry about damaging the watch, regardless of any indoor or outdoor activities you have planned.

The GST-B500 also comes with an extended warranty of up to two years upon registering for the e-Warranty within 14 days of purchasing the watch at an authorised dealership.

(Credit: Casio)

Ultimately, the GST-B500 is the perfect size to fit any lifestyle and fashion trend.

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