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Want To Celebrate Being Malaysian? Here’s One Place You Can Do It

Want To Celebrate Being Malaysian? Here’s One Place You Can Do It

Celebrate Malaysia’s brave, confident and creative #GENERASiSENSASi at the Malaysia Grand Bazaar, Kuala Lumpur.

Akmal Hakim

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What reminds you most of home? Is it the comforting sound of loved ones giggling in the background? Or maybe the warm feeling you get from a whiff of your favourite home-cooked meal?

For the millions of Anak-Anak Malaysia who grew up in this tropical paradise, there are endless sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes that connect us together as one big family and remind us of the one huge home we share.

Say you’re Malaysian, without saying you’re Malaysian…

(Credit: maafsebut/ stadium.malaysia  via Facebook)

Living in a melting pot of diverse cultures, surrounded by nature, kampungs and metropolises, and where everyone is your Amma, Kakak, Uncle or Atuk, painted us into the colourful Kain Batik-wearing, Tart Nenas-eating, “Malaysia Boleh”-chanting people that we are.

As Malaysians, we sure have a lot to be proud of lah!

Together, we built towers that touched the sky, crafted art, fashion, music and literature that inspired the masses and created brands and businesses known throughout the world.

(Credit: Meriç Dağlı via Unsplash/Yaopey Yong/Ryan ‘O’ Niel via Unsplash)

From the Boomers to the Zoomers, each generation contributes their own unique visuals, vibes, feels and flavours that delight the senses and add even more colour to our humble abode.

(Credit: Tumblr Vintage KL via The Vocket/Abby AR via Unsplash)

No place like home!

But, if you’d like to experience what makes Malaysia, Malaysia all in one place, then the one place we’d like to suggest you make your way to is the Malaysia Grand Bazaar.

(Credit: Firdaus Roslan/ Jedikanie Jasnie via Unsplash)

Located along the iconic stretch of Jalan Hang Tuah, ‘MGB’ is Kuala Lumpur’s artisanal mall and the cultural home of the BBCC (Bukit Bintang City Centre) urban regeneration project. It’s also directly connected to the Mitsui Shopping Park Lalaport Kuala Lumpur, Zepp Kuala Lumpur and Golden Screen Cinema (GSC).

Here, you can enjoy the best products made by our very own Malaysian artists, artisans, designers and entrepreneurs — from fashion and jewellery, arts and crafts, things to decorate your OWN homes with, and all your favourite Malaysian snacks, under one roof.

(Credit: mygrandbzaar via Facebook) 

Besides the mall taking a cue from Peranakan Nyonya-inspired designs, the MGB also features artistic installations by local craftsmen like Loka Made with a mural that lovingly captures Malaysia’s beautiful landscapes and other masterpieces like the intricate doodle art staircase by Embee Designs.

Make these poetic illustrations of Malaysian culture the perfect backdrop for your OOTDs!

(Credit: mygrandbazaar via Instagram)

Showcasing Malaysia’s kaleidoscope of culture, heritage and ideas, MGB’s 100,000sqft compound also plays host to all sorts of cultural performances, workshops and more.

(Credit: mygrandbzaar  via Facebook)

Come home to the sweet taste of Sweet Palate’s selection of baked goods. Founded by siblings who grew up baking everything from traditional dishes to festive cookies and cakes with their Grandma and Auntie, Sweet Plate’s sweet goodies are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and baked with buttery memories and love.

(Credit: sweet_palate_premium_cookies via Instagram)

Feast your eyes on Beejooz’s collection of exquisite handcrafted jewellery made from real preserved dried flowers. Beejooz’s founder, Ms Sinyi, came up with the concept of preserving the beauty of flowers by locking them in a layer of crystal clear resin as wearable symbols of everlasting moments.

(Credit: beejooz via Instagram)

Were you looking to dress up for your next Malaysian open house? Feel the exquisite jubbahs, kaftans and abayas from Jubah Qu and pair them with striking scarves and headpieces from Melliscarves. Or make some noise by wearing quality and affordable beauty accessories by Storebyelena. You’ll surely be the talk of the household.

(Credit: jubah.qu/storebyelena via Instagram/ melliscarves.official via Facebook)

At MGB, there’s a little piece of home for everyone!

Come to MGB and celebrate Malaysia’s brave, confident and creative #GENERASiSENSASi or the ‘Sensational Generation’ by exploring our unique home-grown talents and handicrafts made by #AnakAnakMalaysia that are bound to stimulate your senses and make you cherish our home Malaysia even more!

Last but not least, there will also be local performances, activities, and workshops held at the MGB on the 20th and 21st of August with activities such as artist live drawing, Joget dance, hand percussion, Wu-Shu, Ghazal performance, LED Dragon Dance, childhood games and snacks redemption, tote bag painting, wooden accessories box painting, kids t-shirt painting, and Batik Canting.

Bring along your loved ones to the MGB at the BBCC. Click over, HERE, for more details.

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