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At Pavilion KL? Here’s What You Should Do At Tokyo Street

At Pavilion KL? Here’s What You Should Do At Tokyo Street

Celebrate Tokyo Street’s 11th Anniversary by visiting these 11 places in Pavilion KL.

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In celebration of Tokyo Street’s 11th Anniversary, we’re sharing 11 exciting things you can do to join in the celebration of Kuala Lumpur’s most unique shopping experiences! See you at Pavilion KL’s beloved precinct and home to authentic Japanese restaurants, shops, and experiences. 

1. Do it for the Gram!

Kuma Yukata
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Flood your social media with Instagram-able OOTDs at cool Japanese-inspired spots. A trip to Kuma Yukata offers a fantastic variety of authentic Japanese kimonos (or yukatas for a less formal look) to bestow longevity and good fortune upon the wearer! After that, embark on a shopping spree for hip and trendy looks with streetwear from Miira Mew and Simple Bean.

Miira Mew (left) and Simple Bean (right).
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Location: Kuma Yukata, Miira Mew, and Simple Bean, Level 6, Pavilion KL

2. Find your way to Harajuku Street

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Fellow foodies, rejoice! Indulge in Japanese cuisine at Harajuku Street with pop-ups selling sushi bentos, Yatai Ramen, green tea, and Asahi beer from now till 26 August. There’s even cotton candy to enjoy while strolling around the award-winning precinct and fun arcade games to play with friends and family!

Location: Tokyo Street’s Event Atrium, Level 6, Pavilion KL

3. Indulge In The Taste of Japan

Tokyo street is home to some of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in town. Hot steamy udon, fresh sashimi, warm Japanese curry, the sizzling of okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, teppanyaki… the list is endless.

If you are already salivating, it’s time to take your tastebuds straight to Japan. Meshiagare

Are you happy to sashimi?

Mentaiko Spider Roll (left) and Salmon Sashimi (right).
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

You can’t go wrong with slices of excellent sashimi if you’re in the mood for something fresh, clean, and utterly mouthwatering. Check out Sushi Zanmai for an amazing selection of sashimi. It is beautifully served, every mouthful is divinely good, and it simply melts in your mouth.

Location: Sushi Zanmai, Level 6, Pavilion KL

Get in my tummy egg-cellent okonomiyaki!

(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Devour these moreish morsels – Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake that combines vegetables, carbs and protein all in one. Perfect for a snack or a meal, they are served fresh and crisp at Okonomi by Tokyo Don with the perfect thickness and a well-balanced flavourful punch topped with the chef’s special sauce. This grilled dish is decadent enough to keep you wanting more! 

Location: Okonomi by Tokyo Don, Level 6, Pavilion KL

Get some matcha love!

Noukou Matcha & Houjicha Ice Cream (left) & Matcha Greentea (right).
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

A small hidden gem in Tokyo Street, Matcha Hero Kyoto is matcha-heaven! Whether you want to cool down with a scoop of creamy matcha ice cream or go traditional with their Organic Cultivated Matcha—you can’t go wrong with Matcha Kyoto’s authentic selection of beverages and ice creams!

Location: Matcha Hero Kyoto, Level 6, Pavilion KL

4. Shop big for tiny bites

(Credit: Pavilion KL)

If you’re feeling adventurous and seeking amazing snacks to fix your cravings look no further than Shojikiya — your one-stop store with a sweeping variety of more than 1000 imported Japanese food products!

We recommend Calbee Pizza Potato Chips with emmental and cheddar cheese topped over thick and cut potato chips – simply delicious! If you’re a Doraemon fan, scoop up the Tohato Doraemon Puku Potato Cheese Aji simply because it’s crunchy, cute, and cheesy!

5. Get your bling on!

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

You can’t miss this cute store if you’re taking a stroll around Tokyo Street. Displaying shining, shimmering rhinestones on phone cases, keychains, and clutch bags, Bling Bling Paradise’s selection of bedazzled everything will definitely brighten up your life. 

Location: Bling Bling Paradise, Level 6, Pavilion KL

6. Get a breath of fresh hair

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

If you want to accomplish that delightfully undone late-nineties or early-2000s French twist updo, you need something large, sassy, and strong. Jazz up your updo with these kawaii bows from Bomnal, where each piece is delicately handmade with love and style.

Location: Bomnal, Level 6, Pavilion KL

7. Pep up your look

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Looking for something understated you can wear every day? These simple accessories from Minimalist Lab may be right up your alley. Make a beeline to The Keys if you are a fan of gorgeous crystal danglers to elevate your look. Even better? They make perfect gifts for someone special, too!

Location: Minimalist Lab and The Keys, Level 6, Pavilion KL

8. You nailed it!

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Everyone deserves a relaxing trip to the nail salon. Whether getting a standard mani-pedi or acrylics, it’s always fun to do something special and treat yourself. 

Walking into Bling Bling Nail is like walking into a Pinterest board with it so aesthetic and cosy. Whether you’re into minimalistic nails or a more cutesy style, slap on some acrylic bows you can trust to have them done well for you here.

Location: Bling Bling Nail, Level 6, Pavilion KL

9. Your very own living art

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Are you looking for a new hobby or way of expressing yourself? Perhaps an activity you can share as a family? Why not try your hand at the ancient art of bonsai?

Tucked along Tokyo Street, this little gem is a wonderland of Bonsai. Zen Bonsai offers a starter kit for beginners and consultation to ensure your journey is easy and stress-free. They have thousands of bonsai collections from all species, so stop by!

Location: Zen Bonsai, Level 6, Pavilion KL

10. Intensify your kawaii-ness!

(Credit: Pavilion KL)
(Credit: Pavilion KL)

Whether you are a Sanrio lover, a Pokemon buff, or a Shin Chan fan, stepping into Karafu is like stepping into heaven. This small store is filled with everything cute – it is impossible not to walk away with a shopping bag in your hand. 

Location: Karafu, Level 6, Pavilion KL

11. Stand a chance to win a brand new Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain

(Credit: Pavilion KL)

There are many things to do and buy at Tokyo Street! Spend over RM200 through a combination of two receipts at Tokyo Street or one receipt mall-wide, and you will be eligible to participate in a Lucky Draw contest. Stand a chance to win more than RM160,000 worth of prizes from Isuzu, with the grand prize winner driving home a new Isuzu ride! 

Now, shop ‘til you drop (and potentially win a brand new Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain) at Tokyo Street!

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