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3 Hacks To Get Rid Of Disgusting Cockroaches In Your Car

3 Hacks To Get Rid Of Disgusting Cockroaches In Your Car

Some of these unconventional ways of trapping cockroaches in the car have incredible results!

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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For those who own a car, we’ve all been there!

It’s impossible to not eat in your car. Even the smallest of snacks can be the culprit to having a cockroach-infested car. It’s the small little ones that make the hair at the back of our necks stand.

Apart from the conventional way of keeping your car cockroach free (clean the insides regularly with a vacuum), here are some other ways to trap those pesky rascals living rent-free in our cars.

The margarine method

Now this one is actually quite popular. You just need three simple ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen.

(Credit: @zuriaty_musa / TikTok)
  1. Used cooking oil
  2. Margarine or Butter
  3. Condensed milk

Mix all of these together in a container and put it in your car. You can put a few of them at the backseat, front seat or even in the boot.

The oil makes it slippery for them to escape and it drowns them in the end.

Leave them for one night or a few days for a more satisfactory result. Then you’ll witness the great massacre of the roaches in pudding form. Yummy!

This is a result of @abuljee leaving the concoction after a week in his car.
(Credit: @abuljee / Twitter)

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The spray method

This method just needs an insect repellant.

Do bear in mind that using a spray would leave some odours lingering around for a few days but well, whatever it takes right?

Based on a trick done by fellow Khushairi Borhanudin, he sprayed this insect repellant a few times under his car seats before he goes to bed at night.

The next morning, he found them all dead and viola, the results:

Look at his effort to collect these one by one. Kudos to him!
(Credit: Khushairi Borhanudin / Facebook)

However, not all of them are going to magically die in one spot. They’re going to be scattered everywhere. So get your gloves or tweezers ready and start picking them up one by one. This requires a bit of effort.

They look like those small dried shrimps you put in your cooking. Extra yummy!

Another person also recommends putting tissues on the car floors or under the seat before you spray. It could help with the strenuous collecting part.

The bottle method

Based on an accidental discovery of leaving an opened bottle of drink near the seat of her car for a few days, this person indirectly made a cockroach trap in her car.

Care for an ice lemon tea with crunch, anyone?
(Credit: Sharifah Aishah / Facebook)

The trick is to leave a bit of the drink inside, position the bottle upright (so it makes it harder for them to climb out), and leave it overnight, then hope for the best!

(Credit: Sharifah Aishah / Facebook)

Alternatively, you could also make another bottle trap using a plastic bottle. It’s sort of a DIY method of cutting the bottle and putting some bait. Here’s how.

Cut about a quarter of the top of the bottle and put in some bait like bread, biscuits or whatever snacks you can find. Make a small hole at the cap of the bottle and tape the top part in an inverted way (like a funnel), back into the bottle. Then put it anywhere in your car overnight. Here’s a video to make things easier.

Do bear in mind that not all of these are going to work 100%. Even if you use all of these methods above, not all roaches are going to end up in the trap. There might still be some smart ones hiding in between the seats of your car or at the back of your air conditioners.

It’s really based on your luck and continuous effort too. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

We hope some of these tips will work for you guys. Share us the results if they do work out! Which one is the best?

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