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These 3 Malaysian Bartenders Are Top 40 In Global Cocktail Competition

These 3 Malaysian Bartenders Are Top 40 In Global Cocktail Competition

These talented bartenders ranked in the Global Top 40 of the #HennessyMyWay cocktail challenge.

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With over 500 entries from across the globe, the #HennessyMyWay 2022 cocktail challenge aims to search for the world’s best sustainable cocktail. Now they have found the Top 40 global winners, including 3 talented Malaysians emerging as the winning bartenders.

This year’s competition is Hennessy’s third installment which encourages bartenders to push their creativity to the limit to create a sustainable cocktail using Hennessy.

With Malaysia cinching the highest number of winners from Asia this year, our three winners this year is Chloe Tan from Cabinet 8 by JWC, Thanesh Joel from Backdoor Bodega, and Rolend Ten also from Backdoor Bodega.

“See Trust” by Chloe Tan

Chloe is not only one of the three Malaysians who won, she is also the only three female bartenders in Asia to make it so far. Her winning drink is “See Trust”, a citrus-based drink which uses all parts of citrus fruits so that there isn’t any waste.

She takes inspiration from the significant amount of citrus leftovers wasted every day while working behind a bar. Lemons, limes, and grapefruits are usually thrown away after juicing, which contributes to food waste.

See Trust by Chloe Tan.
(Credit: Hennessy)

With “See Trust”, Chloe takes the leftover citrus and turns it into a glass of sustainable Hennessy cocktail that smells and tastes refreshingly good with multiple notes of citruses, honey, and chocolate. The honey and chocolate note of Hennessy, mixed with the refreshing citruses, and garnished with a Pahang chocolate truffle, makes the perfect combination as a starter cocktail for the night.

To me, a great cocktail is a complete experience for the senses.

Chloe Tan to TRP

Despite only working as a bartender professionally for 8 months, Chloe doesn’t let that hold her back, and is set to continue experimenting with great drinks.

“No-Waste Nucifera” by Thanesh Joel

Growing up on Penang Island, Thanesh is no stranger to coconuts. However, he finds that usually, once the coconut is used for its milk (santan), the rest is discarded. As his favourite go-to thirst quencher, the humble coconut inspired him to create a sustainable coconut-based cocktail.

He was also inspired by Hennessy’s “grape to glass” ethos, which he applies to his drink: served in a “glass” made of used coconut shells, on a handmade coaster of discarded coconut husks.

“No-Waste Nucifera” by Thanesh Joel
(Credit: Hennessy)

A cocktail that challenges both the bartenders and the guest’s experience, is something I always look forward to. 

Thanesh Joel to TRP

He finds that the caramel and chocolate-y goodness of Hennessy adds the perfect balance to the No-Waste Nucifera and elevates the drink to its winning factor.

“Cassa(no)va Highball” by Rolend Ten

Rolend Ten’s inspiration comes from our local delights: the humble traditional kuih-muih. He crafted his drink fondly after his favourite dessert, the kuih bingka.

The Cassa(no)va Highball heavily features cassava, pandan, coconut milk, and brown sugar, the main ingredients for kuih bingka.

“Cassa(no)va Highball” by Rolend Ten
(Credit: Hennessy)

Some people like the flavors of food. Especially me, kuih bingka is one of my favourites, and I make it in the form of a drink.

Rolend Ten to TRP

Cassava, especially, is usually only harvested for its roots. However, Rolend has taken its stems and leaves and given them new life as garnishes and coasters.

Inspired by Hennessy’s sustainable viticulture in its grape harvesting process, Rolend’s specially crafted cocktail uses his own homegrown cassava plants, straight from his backyard!

He finds that the notes of vanilla, honey, apple, and dark chocolate of Hennessy matches the cassava flavours and bubbly carbonation in the cocktail to create the perfect highball.

Winning big

The Global Top 40 winners each received a cash prize of 1,000 Euro (about RM4,450) and 1 bottle of Hennessy X.O., in addition to also bringing home 200 Euro (about RM890) for winning the Malaysia Top 10 challenge round.

Our 3 Malaysian winners in the Global Top 40 will be able to move on to the final challenge round to compete for a spot in the elusive Global Top 5. Making it to this final stage will earn them 2,000 Euro (about RM8,900) plus either a Hennessy Experience in Cognac or a VIP NBA Experience.

If you’re excited to try any of these handcrafted cocktails, head over to the 10 bars across Malaysia to enjoy the Malaysia Top 10 winning cocktails at the respective bars.

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