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What Everyone Hates & Loves About Malaysia’s Nightlife

What Everyone Hates & Loves About Malaysia’s Nightlife

The party scene comes roaring back to life, for good or bad.

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Partying is back in full swing, everyone! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Malaysia’s nightlife scene is roaring back to life with good music, great company, and even better drinks!

Of course, there’s plenty to look forward to but nightlife also comes with its own headaches. So just in case you’ve forgotten what the party scene is like, we sat down with a few party people to see what they love (and hate) about Malaysian nightlife.

Bar, pub, nightclub, or private party?

Jeii Pong feels that the venue must suit the occasion. Elizabeth Kok thinks private parties are a great way to unwind and let loose.
(Credit: jeii_pong/elizabethmnmm via Instagram/ Hennessy)

Not all scenes are created equal. Sometimes you want to go all out at a nightclub, sometimes you just want to chill in a corner booth at a relaxed bar.

For Hennessy Night Creator Jeii Pong, the venue must suit the occasion.

Clubs have the most exciting vibes if it’s party-centric nights like New Year’s countdowns. However, for personal events such as birthdays, private parties allow for more intimate celebrations. Bars, on the other hand, would be great for chill nights with a romantic partner as it fosters conversation.

Gaston Pong appreciates quality time with his friends over drinks in the comfort of home, and Douglas Lim much prefers a night out surrounded by Penang’s city life.
(Credit: gastonpong via Instagram/ Hennessy)

Gaston Pong, on the other hand, appreciates quality time with his friends over drinks in the comfort of home. If he’s feeling particularly adventurous, he will venture out to explore concept bars with his friends as well.

For Elizabeth Kok, bars or nightclubs are ideal places to spend her time, particularly for her job as a professional DJ. Otherwise, private parties are also a great way to unwind and let loose after a long day.

What city to vibe in?

The best kind of stories are told over a drink or two.
(Credit: Envato)

Our partygoers all claimed that Kuala Lumpur has the best nightlife for a “happening” scene to drink, party, and even meet people you otherwise won’t get to meet.

This is where you get to meet interesting and driven individuals with a life story to share.

Douglas Lim to TRP

Jeii Pong agrees as well, claiming that drinking with friendly people definitely expands your social circle as you get to meet more people.

Additionally, the Klang Valley is full of exciting places like hidden speakeasy bars, and plenty of places with live music for the musically inclined, too!

A rich, smooth drink for a rich, smooth night out (or in).
(Credit: HennessyMalaysia via Facebook)

As a musician, I enjoy music gigs where some pubs and nightclubs would feature local rappers to perform.

Gaston Pong to TRP

However, Douglas Lim much prefers Penang as his city to vibe in. He particularly enjoys how Penang bars spill out to the road with a more relaxed and casual setting, which also makes bar-hopping much easier.

He also looks for places where he can pair a good dessert with drinks or discover interesting drink menus.

(Credit: Hennessy via The Good Stuff)

What’s the worst thing about KL nightlife?

You might be surprised to know that “KL traffic is terrible” extends to the wee hours of the morning too!

All our fellow partygoers unanimously (and vehemently) agreed that traffic and parking were the worst things about partying in the city.

Parking! It’s not easy to get one during Happy Hours. And now e-hailing has gotten pricey too.

Gaston Pong to TRP

Jeii Pong says the same, noting that Malaysian roads are still jammed even when it’s already late at night!

(So perhaps it’s better to carpool with a designated driver, in the end!)

What do you drink?

As Hennessy Night Creators, our partygoers naturally gravitate towards the smooth and rich flavours of Hennessy X.O cognac. But what makes the classic cognac so good?

Classic is always classy.
(Credit: Hennessy)

While most may know of hard liquors as something strong to knock back, the Hennessy X.O cognac is smooth enough to drink on the rocks (or neat)!

One of the best cognacs I’ve had and I would definitely look out for Hennessy X.O for my next party. 

Elizabeth Kok to TRP

Of course, it’s also more than just the drink: it’s also what the drink brings with it.

When you drink it you feel like creating a good moment to share. It also provides me the idea of a celebration drink or intimate drink session with people you love.

Douglas Lim to TRP

For comedian Douglas Lim, the drink signifies a successful stand-up show, a celebration of the moment when the show draws its curtains and the crowd is happily satisfied with a fun night out.

It’s also an opportunity to break the ice with fans and new people, by collaboratively coming together to drink and have fun.

And isn’t that the spirit of drinks, after all?

Here’s your chance to experience the most happening scenes of Malaysian nightlife.

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