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Help Me! There’s Something Stuck In My Ear!

Help Me! There’s Something Stuck In My Ear!

Insects in the ear should be removed immediately and safely.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Have you ever woke up from sleep and suddenly there’s a loud buzzing sound in your ear? And you feel that something is moving in your ear? Enter the paranoia.

Bugs can crawl up or accidentally get stuck in your ear while you’re sleeping or enjoying your time outdoors. Whether in adults or kids, the insects do not discriminate.

Doctors have faced a lot of these bug-in-ear situations in their clinics. In some cases, almost every week. Parents would bring their children to them, explaining how their child had been crying and complaining of pain in the ear.

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For that, @MedTweetMYHQ, a medical twitter account for doctors in Malaysia, has shared some of the early steps you need to do if you have a bug in your ear.

Here are the recommended steps:

1. Don’t PANIC

This is extremely important not only to the child but also to the parents (aggressive parents make it hard to treat the child).

For parents, try to calm your children with good communication. They don’t need to imagine a bug digging their way through their brain (to reassure them that’s not possible).

2. Don’t try to insert cotton buds/keys/metal in the ear

This is common. And please, avoid it at all costs.

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This act can make the situation worse, pushing the insect further down the ear canal and damaging the middle ear or the eardrums.

3. Drop a few drops of olive oil into the ear

This method can suffocate and kill the bug, hopefully. If it’s dead, it won’t cause further complications to your ears, especially the big ones.

If they’re alive, they can sting or further burrow into your ear, causing discomfort.

4. If it’s outside, try to remove it

If you’re lucky and the bug is seen at the opening of your ear hole, you can try to remove it with your fingers or small tweezers, if you can.

But if it’s lodged inside the hole and you can’t see it, don’t probe further!

5. If it’s still inside, immediately go to the hospital

Even though the bug is dead, you have to immediately go to the hospital so the doctors can remove it for you.

If you leave the insects for too long, infections are prone to occur, and you don’t want that nasty pus or searing pain in your ear, do you?

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All in all, always remove the insect or have it removed as quickly as possible. If you tried at home and still can’t do it safely, see the doctor immediately.

According to Medical News Today, a study has shown that various complications are more likely to occur when an untrained person tries to remove something from their ear. Some potential complications include cuts, bruising to the external ear canal and ruptured eardrums.

Here’s the tweet for more info.

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