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The Little Things To Do That ACTUALLY Matter This Father’s Day

The Little Things To Do That ACTUALLY Matter This Father’s Day

Sometimes, we may take these little things for granted.

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Dear sons and daughters. Father’s Day is just around the corner! Now you’re panicking huh?

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Let’s be real. If we ask our fathers what they want, they would probably just say ‘nothing’. Instead of offering them nothing, why not do the little things that count?

These may look like petty things that we take for granted but they might actually have a longer and more meaningful effect on your father and you.

Here are some of the little things that you could enjoy with your father:

1. Enjoy A Meal Together

Just you and him. Sounds like a mundane thing to do, right?

But for me, I still remember the days when my dad would take me to school and one day, I said I don’t wanna go to school. Instead of adamantly saying no, he said, ‘Wanna get breakfast instead?’. And so we stayed at the Mamak restaurant right in front of my school, still in my uniform (smooth idea on blending in), eating roti canai with my dad, ecstatic that I got to skip school that day. That memory meant a lot to me. I’m sure it means a lot to him too. So that’s just me. I’m sure you have your own fond memory of meals with your fathers.

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These types of memories, try to reignite them with your father. Well, you don’t have to skip work today and go eat roti canai with him. Take him to breakfast, brunch or even dinner on the weekends at HIS favourite place. Not yours. He doesn’t have to sacrifice anymore. “My son doesn’t like seafood, so I won’t have seafood”. It’s all about him that day.

Take the whole family out too if they’re available. It’s those memories of eating, laughing and spending time together that stay in our heads. Well, for the bill, good luck with that.

Alternatively, you could also cook his favourite meal or help your mother cook his favourite meal (not all of us are Gordon Ramsey). You can also order his favourite food via any food delivery app to make things easier.

2. Play a Game Together

Not all dads are the same. Who knows, maybe some dads like video games. You can play in multiplayer mode with him. If you’re a pro, be the bigger person and let him win laa. But if he defeats you too easily, bruh, step up the game. It’s the competitiveness that makes it fun! Yes, and the bonding time too.

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You could also try chess or checkers if he likes mind games. You can try playing cards (or UNO) for two too if he’s keen on it. Or grab anyone who knows the game and have some fun playing with cards in a group. It’s time to bring out your poker face and whip out your best strategies, guys.

Hey, if he’s still up for it, go bowling with your old man. Who knows he might have a few tricks up his sleeves that’ll send you crying back home.

3. Do Healthy Exercises Together

If your dad likes taking a walk, take him on a walk at the park in the morning or evening. Exercising together makes it more competitive or at least, enjoyable.

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If he’s more towards the athletic side, play sports with him. Things like ball games, badminton, ping pong, cycling, archery, or even golf sound fun if you try them with your dad. Hey, your old man might be fitter than you think.

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In addition, if you know he really likes those activities and you can afford them, buy him the attire or gear that he needs for exercising (while subtly hinting him to take care of himself). Gift him a bike, sports shoes, or even jogging tracks for him. But if he asks ‘Are you saying that I’m fat?’, sorry guys you’re on your own.

4. Do His Chores For Him

At least, we’ll be lifting up some burden for him. And who doesn’t like their jobs easier for them?

Things like washing the car, throwing out the trash, watering the plants, trimming the grass outside, fixing the broken lamp, and cleaning the attic or store are some examples of house chores that you could help him with.

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However, if you wanna do those, do it for a week or so. If not, they’ll be giving you the stare-down on the day. “Wah, you only do this for father’s day ahh? Wah, I’m so lucky to have you ahh? Am I though?”. Consistency is the key, guys.

Moreover, when you do the chores, do them correctly, don’t just do them half-heartedly. You’ll frustrate him even more and in the end, “Good lord, you’re doing it wrong, just let me do it!”. Well, that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

5. Pamper Him with Things He Particularly Likes

As a dad, their whole point of existence is to sacrifice a lot for us. It makes you think about the little things he did for you when you were just a kid.

“You can’t finish your food? Come, leave it for me”, “You like the thigh section of the chicken? Here, have mine”, “Don’t like the sports channel? It’s okay, let’s watch another channel”, “You have no one picking you up at the station? Don’t worry, I’ll come”.

So it’s time for us to pamper him back. You could buy his favourite fruits (again hinting, he should eat healthily). Or even his favourite snacks like picked fruits, banana fritters, steamed hot paus, or those bitter crackers some just like.

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If your dad is fond of singing, take him out to Karaoke. You know he likes singing songs from the 80s or 90s. Have a karaoke session and let him have his big moment again.

You could also do a feet rub or massage for him. But if you’re not a gifted masseuse, order a massage session. You don’t want to press the wrong muscles or tendons, adding to the ache.

If he likes movies, then take him to a cinema. Who knows he liked ‘Top Gun’ when Tom Cruise was in his early days? Let him reunite with dear Tommy in ‘Top Gun Maverick’.

6. Call Him and Have a Long Conversation

If you can’t do any of these things because you’re far away, then give him a call.

How frequently do you call your dad? Maybe it’s your mom that you usually call, hoping she’ll give him your life updates at home. So to make a difference, call your dad instead and have a long conversation. You can ask him how he’s doing, what he wants or needs and tell him about your day or what’s going on in your life. You could also have a long conversation about memories you shared that you guys enjoyed. Sometimes, it’s just the time you invested in him that makes him appreciate you.

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Or better yet, if you can, come home for the weekend. It may be the best gift for them, yet, seeing you in person after a long time. After all, all they wanna do is spend valuable time with their family.

All in all, those are just some things that you could do with or for your father this coming Father’s Day. Have a bit of fun with your dad.

It’s better than nothing, right?

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