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Do Food Delivery Subscriptions Actually Help You Save Your Money?

Do Food Delivery Subscriptions Actually Help You Save Your Money?

Being smart with our purchases doesn’t necessarily mean giving up everything.

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Lately, Malaysians are saddled with the increase in cost of living making it seemingly impossible to cut corners and save money. 

In April, Malaysia’s inflation rate increased by 2.3% according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Aziz commented that the inflation rates are expected to go up and it will be a challenge for the rakyat.

Petrol prices have also soared causing major distress to the public. The retail price of RON97 has reportedly increased by 37 sen per litre for the week of May 26 to June 1. Although the prices of RON95 petrol remain unchanged as of now, citizens are fearing the unavoidable price hike in the near future.

Even the prices of your beloved chicken rice or fried chicken may go up too! The prolonged issue of chicken shortages plaguing our nation may leave vendors with no choice but to increase the prices of chicken dishes. Malaysia has also announced a temporary ban on the export of about 3.6 million chickens to address this issue and the concerns over rising prices. 

With the soaring prices of basic necessities, it’s common sense that people are trying to cut down their expenses to the best of their abilities. 

But being smart with our purchases doesn’t necessarily mean giving up everything.

Save Money, But Don’t Cancel Everything

(Credit: Grab)

Everyone loves the idea of little savings here and there. Whether you’ve got a major expense coming up, you’re saving for a rainy day, or you’re just trying to reduce your overall expenditures, sometimes the budget gets tighter and spending needs to be reevaluated. 

Subscription services are usually the first to be cut off when the purse strings tighten – but your subscriptions could be helping you save money!

While common personal finance advice may suggest scrapping subscription services when you’re trying to reduce expenses, they can be an excellent tool for budgeting and staying on course.

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for can help you better plan out your monthly spending. Plus, making use of your subscription plans can help to save on impulsive purchases while you’re out and about. 

There are also hidden savings when you make use of subscription services. Fewer trips out to grocery stores or restaurants mean less money spent on petrol and vehicle maintenance, on top of saving the upfront cost of your outing.

Not All Plans Are Created Equal

(Credit: Grab)

Grab has recently launched GrabUnlimited, a low-cost monthly subscription plan that allows you to enjoy up to RM300 in savings with a subscription fee of RM4.90 per month. With an introductory price of only 1 sen, users are now able to unlock a range of benefits that will guarantee the best bang for their buck. 

If you’re familiar with Grab, you’ll know that they offer services on their app that includes transportation, food and grocery delivery, hotel bookings and even bus or ferry tickets. With the range of services they proudly offer, they also provide discounts and vouchers for users to enjoy while they spend on the app.

Moving forward, GrabUnlimited users can experience even lower prices on top of enjoying the best of Grab services. Users can earn up to 1.5% whenever they spend. Earn GrabRewards when you pay with your GrabPay wallet or with PayLater, and use the GrabRewards to redeem discounted vouchers when you shop online or in-stores to maximise your savings!

(Credit: Grab)

Make Your Money Work Harder

Redeeming vouchers for your purchases will ultimately lead you to earn more GrabRewards. With GrabUnlimited, you can spend fewer GrabRewards to redeem MORE vouchers to use for other purchases that you make!

(Credit: Grab)

Subscribing to GrabUnlimited will also allow users to enjoy a discounted Premium Delivery fee at just RM2.50 instead of the usual RM3.50. Just five food delivery purchases with the use of the Premium Delivery option already gives you a return for the subscription fee. Not only that, Grab Unlimited users are guaranteed top-rated drivers when using JustGrab.

(Credit: Grab)

GrabUnlimited also enhances your accessibility to merchants who were previously further from your location. Users can also combine free delivery AND discount vouchers to enjoy more savings with every purchase!

(Credit: Grab)

If you regularly rely on Grab services, it should be a no-brainer to subscribe to GrabUnlimited because of the amazing discounts you’ll get. If you’re still on the fence about subscribing to a new subscription plan, give GrabUnlimited a shot for only 1 sen for the first month and experience it for yourself. 

It’s pretty safe to say that the plus points of this monthly plan will definitely outweigh the small price that you pay. 

Find out more about GrabUnlimited and how you can enjoy all these exclusive offers HERE.

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