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Beauty & Co. Wants Beauty Industry To Stop Desperate Hard Sell Tactics

Beauty & Co. Wants Beauty Industry To Stop Desperate Hard Sell Tactics

Founder Yap Yann Fang says that customers have had enough of emotional blackmail and aggressive sales tactics.

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Most people have some kind of experience being bullied into buying products or signing packages they may not have wanted in the beauty industry.

Aggressive sales tactics using emotional blackmail, body shaming, or the customer’s insecurities against them are common in Malaysia. As a result, the beauty industry has picked up a rather harsh reputation for being intimidating and cutthroat.

It’s heartbreaking to see the (beauty) industry lose its integrity. (Hard-selling tactics) may result in short-term gains, but over time, damage the reputation of the industry at large.

Yap Yann Fang, Beauty & Co. founder

Beauty & Co. founder Yap Yann Fang doesn’t think that the beauty industry should remain that way. Instead, she believes that business, and her industry as a whole, should embrace the idea of selling with love without hard sells.

Integrity and sincerity

Yann partnered with author Jason Marc Campbell to explain the concept of “Selling with Love”.

Left: Author Jason Marc Campbell. Right: Beauty & Co. founder Yap Yann Fang.
(Credit: TRP)

Basically, the idea of ‘selling with love’ means doing business with integrity and sincerity, using ethical selling business practices to raise industry standards.

The principles of selling with love encourage businesses to be strategic about their long term goals in the industry.

Yap Yann Fang, Beauty & Co. founder

The adoption of this concept means that Beauty & Co. does not engage in gimmicky hardsell tactics that pressure customers into spending money they don’t have to.

How “Selling with Love” business practices still make money

For Yann, the pivot to more respectable business practices allowed her business to grow even through the pandemic.

Since 2020, the Beauty & Co. co-working and wellness centre located in The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall has achieved over 60% in revenue and expanded to six outlets thoughout Klang Valley.

Beauty & Co. outlets feature plenty of aesthetic and Instagrammable designs and furniture.
(Credit: TRP)

Beauty & Co. is Malaysia’s first beauty co-working space, offering a gorgeous physical outlet for trained beauty professionals to provide services using various aesthetic, beauty, and wellness machines.

Consumers are fed up with gimmicks and pressure, so beauticians need to upgrade as well. When you know your impact, you get even more inspired.

Yap Yann Fang, Beauty & Co. founder

What’s next for the beauty industry

Yann hopes to reform the beauty industry through a series of workshops and talks that focuses on the concept of Selling with Love.

When you sell with love; you win, the customer wins, and the industry wins.

Jason Marc Campbell, author of Selling With Love: Earn with Integrity & Expand Your Impact

Yann admits that it is difficult, especially for salespeople who are already used to the beauty industry’s current hardsell gimmicks.

The global beauty and wellness market was estimated to be valued at more than USD1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5-10%, according to McKinsey
(Credit: BigStock)

According to Yann, it takes them about 3 to 6 months to change their approach and see results, but once their mindset is changed, everyone is happier for it.

They need to see rolemodels champion the love and growth and learn the right way.

Yap Yann Fang, Beauty & Co. founder

Yann hopes that her actions is enough to cause to ripple throughout the beauty industry and inspire change for the better.

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