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Looking For New Skills? Upskill Or Reskill Yourself At These Malaysian Websites

Looking For New Skills? Upskill Or Reskill Yourself At These Malaysian Websites

If you’re feeling like a change of pace, you can also try these courses to add more perspective to your work.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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As we live in a very digital and fast-paced age, information and knowledge can be passed on through a variety of mediums like physical books, face-to-face learning and also online learning. You can easily learn new information at the tip of your fingers these days. You just need to find credible sources and also make time.

Hey if you love to learn new things that’ll widen your repertoire of skills, then you might find these websites helpful for you. Here are some websites for those people who want to bring their knowledge to the next level.

You can either learn new languages, new business techniques, new digital technology subjects or even how to create your own creative content! There are plenty of things to learn at these websites and some of them are actually free!

Take a look at some of the courses offrerd by the websites here:


Massive Open Online Course or MOOC is an open online learning course for any person in the world to take a course with no limit on attendance. Currently, in Malaysia, around 20 local universities have registered with this initiative but only a few universities actually offer their course online. You’d have to check to verify.

For example, you can check the USM’s, UUM’s or any other universities’ MOOC pages and find a few interesting courses there. USM being all sciency, there’s a lot of science courses offered there. Hey, you can learn the basics of pharmacology or genetics if you want to! UUM has a free economics class if you feel like it. These classes are actually made for the students of the respesctive universities but anyone can join. If you finish any of the courses, by right, you should get a certificate for the specific course.

To join the classes, you just have to sign up for an account under OpenLearning and you’re in. Some of the classes there are free and when you register, you can access the slides on certain topics there. However, some of the desired courses aren’t available as the lecturers didn’t really update their teaching materials on the website. Also, some of the pages have outdated designs so you might be a bit frustrated with that.

Nevertheless, it’s a good platform for you to try to learn new courses for free. You just gotta be willing to explore which courses are available.


This website is actually powered by OpenLearning, the same one that powered Malaysia’s MOOC above. The difference with this one is that some of its classes are paid and some of them are free. You can learn cloud computing, time management and also a bit about AR/VR.

However, the courses available there are very limited and sort of outdated. But you can have a look at any of the topics you’d want here.


Now if you know shopee, you know it’s a good online shopping platform. But did you know it has a university!? Okay, maybe not physically but they have one virtually!

They actually have an educational initiative called ShopeeUni where they have around 50 online classes available in three different languages like English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. And the best part about it is, it’s free! These classes are actually business classes for those who want to start a business via an online platform (on shopee, that is!).

They have beginner’s, intermediate, and also advanced classes covering topics like marketing, sales and even operations. Additionally, their tutors are either Shopee’s HRDF-certified in-house trainers or ShopeeXperts which are top sellers trained to share exclusive insights.


Although not Malaysian, Reskills is a global online learning platform to learn new courses and is getting well known among South-East Asian countries. They have interesting classes like Mandarin pronunciation, Malaysian Sign Language, Effective Communications, Phyton Coding and more.

You can go through their live online classes, watch them on demand, on the go or even hear podcasts. But you know how it is, like all great things, they don’t come for free. To register, you would have to pay a registration fee to get the app on your phone or just use your computer. Check out their details here.


Insken or Institut Keusahawanan Negara Berhad has recent courses for programs relevant to today’s needs. They’ve got classes from entrepreneurship, bakeries, and car workshops to even wedding planner classes.

However, the classes are all in Bahasa Malaysia and some of their classes are physical ones. The fee for these classes is around RM100 to RM500. You can check their details here.

Air Asia Academy

Not only do they have a lot of other services than aviation, but they also have an academy too!

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Most of their subjects are related to the business and digital technology industries. You can upskill in digital marketing, data analytics with phyton, Google Workspace and more. However, you need to subscribe to the company’s account to get access to those classes. Check them out here.

Other than that, here are some honourable mentions of foreign websites that go international and are great opportunities for upskilling and reskilling. Some of them might be free but to continue to use the classes, you’re bound to spend some money on the valuable content, later on.

Honourable Mentions for Foreign Websites Khan Academy, Coursera, edX

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