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[Watch] 10 Hari Raya Ads That’ll Inspire You To Brave The ‘Balik Kampung’ Traffic

[Watch] 10 Hari Raya Ads That’ll Inspire You To Brave The ‘Balik Kampung’ Traffic

These Hari Raya ads remind us that it’s a time of celebration, love and forgiveness.

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Hari Raya Aidilfitri is often known for family reunions and the fantastic feast with our loved ones. It’s a chance for everyone to catch up with one another.

While it’s a time for celebration and giving thanks, it’s also a time for forgiveness. This year, the festive Raya ads remind us that our relationships with our loved ones and our community are always imeaningful no matter what happens.

1. Gamuda Land – Rezekey Raya

Life can be hard but with a supportive community, everyone can thrive. In Rezekey Raya, a young boy tries to teach himself to read while taking care of his ailing mother. Not far from where they live, their neighbour might be evicted from her home soon. Through a chance encounter and a tale of kindness, both the young boy and his neighbour’s lives changed for the better.

2. BoBoiBoy – The Raya Monsta 2022: Kembali Aidilfitri 

Families grow and change, but it doesn’t mean they’re gone forever in our hearts. BoBoiBoy and his friends return to Kota Hilir with Tok Aba for the Raya holidays. During the journey home, Tok Aba reminisces about his younger days with Amato and Umi. Once they reached their hometown, BoBoiBoy and his friends help Tok Aba create new memories while honouring the old.

3. Sunway Group – Seri Cahaya Aidilfitri

This Raya video teaches us that we’ll enjoy a brighter future if we appreciate our natural resources. Aida is excited to celebrate Hari Raya with her family, but a sudden power cut a few days before the celebration worries her. Determined to save Raya at all costs, she set out to build solar panels with help from her uncle. True enough, her invention helped save the night.

4. TM Group – Nasihat Dari Hati

Iqbal’s father gives everyone timeless advice: when you do something, do it wholeheartedly. As his father ages, Iqbal faces the tough choice of following his career path or taking up his father’s khat carving business. Upon a closer look at one of his father’s artwork, Iqbal realizes he could pursue both of their passions in his own way.

5. Tenaga Nasional Berhad – Raya Macam Cara!

This comedic video reminds us that our differences can make the festive day better. It all starts with each family member returning from various parts of Malaysia, sporting their Raya wear and sharing similar yet different dishes during mealtime. However, will that sentiment last when it’s time to receive Raya packets from their grandfather?

6. Maxis – Last Kopek

No matter what we may go through in life, friendship matters at the end of the day. Usop and his friends are in a band and they are popular buskers in the city. Sadly, they are soon struggling to stay afloat and with Raya coming round the corner, the band is close to disbanding. Can they put on one last show to salvage their friendship?

7. Julie’s Biscuits – Ini Iklan Raya Baru, Tau?

There’s still much to do when it comes to taking progressive steps forward on a larger scale. This video cheekily takes on the gender stereotypes and the stigma of mental health in society by telling the story of a director who’s trying to film various Raya ads. However, his outdated ideas face pushback from his cast and crew. This Raya, it’s good to reflect on how we can strengthen the bonds of family, friendship, and humanity.

8. Grab – Hari Raya Jimat Epik

Can we have an epic Raya celebration without going overboard with our budget? Yes, we can. This Raya ad showed that families can still realise the Raya celebration of their dreams with just a few clever budgeting adjustments and looking out for deals and discounts.

9. Samsung – Rezeki Memori

Inspired by a true story, Rezeki Memori tells the story of Abah and how making memories with your loved ones is important. Adik finally returns home after spending many years away in the city, and Abah reminisces of the day they spent together.

10. MR DIY – Ke Pangkuan

Parents want the best for their children but they might not see it the same way simple because they’re still children. Tia believes her mother neglected her when she was sent away to live with her aunt. After much coaxing from her aunt, Tia reluctantly returns home to visit her mother and finds out that she has it all wrong from the start.

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