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The True Spirit Of Raya: Gratitude And Giving Back

The True Spirit Of Raya: Gratitude And Giving Back

This year’s Raya video by Gamuda Land is a heartwarming reminder of the importance of sharing our blessings.

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As Raya approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the lights and festivities that we forget the very essence of this celebration. Aidilfitri is a time to spend with the people that we love and to be thankful for the blessings that we have.

The short film titled “Reze-key Raya” is a beautiful portrayal of the innocence and purity of children. The story depicts a little boy who wishes to learn how to read. He stays up late studying words from a badly torn book, trying to piece the broken words together.

(Credit: Gamuda Land)

What’s even more touching is this boy takes good care of his mom who is in a wheelchair. 

A woman who lives in the same flat as this boy is riddled with her own problems. Piles of unpaid bills loom over her – overwhelming her with the burden and responsibility of taking care of her family. It is obvious that she doesn’t have much.

(Credit: Gamuda Land)

But with what little she has, she shares with the little boy. And their lives are forever changed in ways they never expected. 

To know more about what happens with this woman and the little boy, watch Gamuda Land’s Reze-key Raya video here:

Share Our Reze-key

As we near the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it’s time to reflect on the countless blessings that we should be grateful for. 

It’s also a time to share our blessings with the less fortunate. It is only when we acknowledge that what we have is sometimes what others need, that we realize what we take for granted might just be an earnest wish for someone else.

(Credit: Gamuda Land)

The key to a blessed Raya is in the act of giving, because the rewards we reap are immeasurably more valuable than anything else.

How can you give back this Raya?

The Suriana Welfare Society is a non-governmental organization that focuses on children to establish a sense of hope for a bright future. They aim to promote and protect the rights of underprivileged kids while addressing social issues that affect these children and their families.

Among a range of efforts produced by Suriana, the Play and Learn (PAL) Centre that is based in Desa Mentari aims to provide a safe space for the children in this area.

(Credit: Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia via Facebook)

The PAL Centre is a safe space for children while their parents are away at work. They get to be around other children and develop healthy friendships, establish social skills, good manners and boost their confidence. 

There are currently over 40 children that attend the PAL Centre, 5 days a week. 

Supporting this effort will go miles in ensuring that we equip the future generations with a strong foundation for them to go into the real world. By nurturing the right values, they will be able to make the right choices which will not only benefit them but their families and the community as a whole. 

You can choose to donate to Suriana Welfare Society HERE and play a part in their continuous efforts to provide the best for these children.

Honouring our Heroes

The Gamuda Inspiration Award (GIA) and Star Golden Hearts Awards (SGHA) is a collaborative effort between Yayasan Gamuda and The Star Foundation to recognize individuals or groups who selflessly strive to do better for society.

(Credit: Yayasan Gamuda)

Acknowledging the contributions of these individuals or groups will bring to light the issues that deserve our attention and ways we can help.

This Raya, instead of pining over what we don’t have, let us practise being grateful and appreciative of the little things and pass on our blessings to those who are less fortunate.

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