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RTK-Ag Self-Test Kits Or RT-PCR Test? Why One Is Better Than The Other

RTK-Ag Self-Test Kits Or RT-PCR Test? Why One Is Better Than The Other

15 minutes is all it takes to keep our family, friends, and community safe from Covid-19.

Akmal Hakim

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Whether we like it or not, the coronavirus is likely here to stay for a while.

With new variants popping up, some experts expect the “new normal” to be a part of our lives for years to come and continue to change how we go about our days and interact in the world.

But there is still hope!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), WE the citizens of the world can effectively bring an end to our shared corona-conundrums if we team up against it.

Besides the lifesaving vaccines that are being administered globally, one of the best ways that we can work together to get rid of this pesky virus for good is to adopt simple steps and corona-safe behaviours to our routine.

And they are quite simple, indeed!

All we need to do is keep our masks on in public, keep our hands clean, limit our social interactions, and of course, get ourselves regularly tested for Covid-19.

As infection can be both symptomatic and asymptomatic, all it takes is one quick self-screening to determine if you and the people close to you are in the “clear” or might need to isolate for a short while.

(Credit: ckstockphoto/Prostock-studio via Envato Elements_

But which test should we get?

Here in Malaysia, the Health Ministry (KKM) recommends the rakyat either get tested by professionals at clinics and hospitals using the RT-PCR test or use self-administered RTK-Ag test kits that are approved by the Medical Device Authority (MDA).

(Credit: National COVID-19 Testing Strategy via KKM)

But which one is most effective?

Well, the Health Minister himself explained that it was better for Malaysians to use RTK-Ag self-test kits as an effective and inexpensive way to quickly find out if someone is positive and infectious.

In the current situation where the Omnicron variant that spread way faster, RTK-Ag tests are more effective because there’s no need to wait between 24 to 48 hours to find out if we are positive or not. So the faster we can detect, the faster we can isolate ourselves if positive. So it’s better to have 1,000 people tested with RTK-Ag than 10 people that perform RT-PCR even if they are more sensitive.

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin via Facebook 

All it takes is 15 minutes!

Experts from the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) described that we don’t really need to self-test for corona every single day unless the nature of our work and interactions require us to.

Even healthcare professionals do not test themselves daily unless they are required to do so in certain high-risk situations.

MMA President Dr Koh Kar Chai via Free Malaysia Today

But it is important for us to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 to our family, friends and our community.

KKM encourages everyone to make it a habit of self-testing when participating in activities and events — like the ones shown below — regardless if you are fully vaccinated.

(Credit: National COVID-19 Testing Strategy via KKM)

MDA approved tests like the Lepu SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits makes it fast and easy for us to administer a non-invasive self-test to see whether we’re infected with Covid-19.

Just by taking a simple nasal swab, adults as well as children (with the help of an adult of course) can be tested for Covid-19 either at home or on the move.

The test kit is best intended for use by individuals with symptoms or other epidemiological reasons to suspect an infection.

But it makes a handy carry-on to keep our community safe from the virus as we participate in important social interactions.

After all, it only takes simple steps for us to permanently get rid of coronavirus.

(Credit: Lepu Medical)

Click, HERE, for more information on Lepu SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kits or catch the short informative video below:

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