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The Adam Project On Netflix Is Not The Time Travel Movie You’re Expecting [Review]

The Adam Project On Netflix Is Not The Time Travel Movie You’re Expecting [Review]

The sci-fi adventure flick has a lot of heart at its core.

Anne Dorall

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The Adam Project is coming out on Netflix tomorrow, but we got a sneak peek to tell you whether it’s worth your time to watch the whole thing ASAP!

The time travel/sci-fi/adventure movie stars Ryan Reynolds as 40-year-old Adam Reed who has crashed landed in his old home back in 2022, accidentally meeting (and teaming up!) with his younger 12-year-old self, played by Walker Scobell.

Would you be able to stand the older, or younger, version of you?
(Credit: Netflix)

The two Adam Reeds have to essentially stop time travel from ever being invented, and along the way they find fellow future time traveller Laura (played by Zoe Saldana) as well as the inventor of time travel Louis Reed (played by Mark Ruffalo).

A Fun Adventure

For lovers of a good sci-fi romp with plenty of gorgeously clean fight choreography with fancy futuristic energy pulse weaponry, The Adam Project certainly delivers.

Viewers will be able to look forward to a myriad of creative fight scenes, with a variety of weapons that have been given the “awesome factor”.

Enough of large guns shooting pulses of energy beams, here we’ve got a literal lightstick that can do the same.

Younger Adam Reed watches as older Adam Reed prepares to fight some futuristic armored soldiers with an actual lightstick.
(Credit: The Adam Project/Netflix)

For a movie that centers around time travel, the in-universe rule of time travel is established very quickly without too much science jargon. Perhaps, by this point, most movie-goers are quite familiar with the concept of various “ways” of time travel already, thanks to movies like Avengers and the classic Back To The Future.

However, the idea is easy enough to grasp, even for those who may not be particularly familiar with time travel. (And to clarify: it’s not a multiverse situation.)

A Love Letter To Family

While the movie is touted as a sci-fi adventure, and it undoubtedly is, The Adam Project is also about family, love, and loss.

There is a popular hypothetical, “If you could go back in time and visit your younger self, what would you do?”

This movie is the answer to that question.

One father, two sons.
(Credit: Netflix)

Both younger and older Adam Reed have something to learn from each other, and the tale is a beautiful one that centers around their sense of self and sense of family.

The Adam Project, I suspect, is really a family reconciliation story wrapped up with sci-fi elements.

The Verdict

The Adam Project is a movie with a healthy mix of everything: the sci-fi, the action, the heartfelt moments, and even the comedic ones.

In fact, there are plenty of funny moments, delivered flawlessly by Ryan Reynolds in his signature Ryan Reynolds style. Child actor Walker Scobell keeps up with the momentum in this film as well, playing very well across from his older counterpart.

Cinematography-wise, sit back and enjoy the gorgeous colours and beautiful sets. A significant budget went into the production here, and it definitely pays off with stunning visuals and honestly breath-taking scenery.

Vibes only.
(Credit: Netflix)

The film is also surprisingly inspiring and hopeful, with a generous handful of tender moments that may have you reaching for a tissue (or two!).

Overall, the film is yet another breath of fresh air from the genius collaboration between director Shawn Levy and star Ryan Reynolds, who have previously worked together on Free Guy.

The Adam Project is a definite must-watch as a fun sci-fi adventure with so much heart, reminiscent of classics such as Back To The Future and E.T. It’s a perfect movie to watch together with your family, snuggled up on the couch with popcorn to share.

Catch it on Netflix starting 11 March at 4pm.

Watch the trailer below:

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