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Did You Test Positive For Covid? Here’s What You Need In Your Covid Starter Kit

Did You Test Positive For Covid? Here’s What You Need In Your Covid Starter Kit

The netizen who recovered from Covid-19 shared a list of medications that have helped her in her recovery journey.

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Since the Covid-19 cases are rising, more and more people are quarantining and recovering at home.

It can be a scary experience when you’re not entirely sure what to do during the whole quarantine duration. Maybe you do know what you’re supposed to do but in that moment of worry, you temporarily forgot.

Fortunately, a netizen who recovered from Covid-19 shared a list of medications that helped her during her recovery and quarantine period. However, it must be noted that different remedies work differently for everyone so this is only a guide.

@SyazaRahizad shared a list of medications in her starter pack that helped her to relieve symptoms such as sore throat, mouth ulcers, coughing and chest congestion.

Here are some of the medications she recommended:

  • Cough syrup
  • Difflam lozenges. There are two types: medicated and unmedicated. To get the medicated Difflam (in red letters on the box), you’ll have to request from the pharmacist. The medicated Difflam has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Coolfever
  • Panadol Actifact and Panadol Extend
  • Throat spray
  • Dysolvon tablet for chest congestion
  • Aloclair Plus or mouthwash for ulcers

She also recommended some items that are not medications but will help soothe the symptoms such as:

  • Coconut water or honey drink to relieve sore throat and heatiness
  • Probiotic drinks such as kombucha and Yakult to boost immunity
  • Vapour rub
  • Oximeter to monitor your oxygen levels

When it comes to throat lozenges, she advised everyone to avoid getting minty lozenges such as Strepsils and Fisherman’s Friends because they can irritate the throat instead of soothing it.

She recommended people with sore throats avoid eating acidic, spicy or oily dishes. However, they can soothe their throats by eating ice cream and yogurt.

Aside from that, she reminds everyone to drink lots of water and to remember to eat because the body needs the energy to recover too.

One of the netizens pointed out that the cough syrup she showed in the picture, Bena Expectorant, is a strong drowsy medication and advised adults to only take a small amount (0.5ml) in the morning if they’re going to work.

Another netizen said there’s Difflam in the spray bottle for those who don’t like sucking on lozenges.

They recommend spraying Difflam at three points in the mouth: left, right and the middle.

Some medications are not suitable for pregnant women so it’s important to check the labels first.

For pregnant women who are experiencing sore throats, a netizen shared that her doctor recommended her the Euphon pastilles for a sore throat when she was pregnant.

As always, it’s always safer and better to check with your doctor before purchasing and consuming any medications, even if you’ve used them before.

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