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Should “Aesthetic” And Pretty Coffee Shops Be Reason Enough To Visit? Netizens Say No

Should “Aesthetic” And Pretty Coffee Shops Be Reason Enough To Visit? Netizens Say No

Cafe owners could take some of these points into consideration.

Melissa Suraya Ismail

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Nowadays, the coffee business is blooming quite fast in Malaysia. New local coffee shops are rapidly emerging, competing against international coffee brands with breathtaking interior decorations and a sophisticated image from the outside.

Recently, a Twitter user, @magmalaya asked Malaysian netizens what would they really wanna seek from coffee shops? He asked that following an observation he had where a lot of cafes do look amazing with their decoration and atmosphere, however, still, there are not a lot of customers coming.

But for most people, looks aren’t everything. Instead, in true Malaysian fashion, they want things that are value-for-money: quality and price.

According to the tweets, here’s what they want in a good coffeehouse.

1. Customer Friendly

One of the key aspects of a good cafe is having friendly staff. Even if the food or drinks are impeccable, if the staff is rude, unwelcoming, and clearly doesn’t respect the customers, it will create a bad reputation for the brand.

Being professional and being cold are two different things. Even if the place looks amazing and exquisite, a staff member behaving poorly will reflect negatively on the outlet.

2. Early Opening Time

A Twitter user also noted that early opening times would be beneficial for coffee shops as a majority of the working class would like to pick up a cup o’ joe and a good breakfast on their way to work.

Credit: @Fitran1231 / Twitter

He even brought up examples of Dunkin’ opening at 7 am at LRT Abdullah Hukum, which sees steady traffic of commuters in the early morning.

A lot of netizens agree that earlier opening times should be ideal seeing that most of the “aesthetic” coffee shops or cafes open at 11 am.

3. Coffee Taste

The taste of coffee itself must be good. If they taste like normal iced milk or bitter Nescafe, customers would most likely not repeat going there again.

Credit: Viktoria Alipatova / Pexels

Even if the interior looks stunning, people would probably come only once to update their social media. However, if the food and drinks taste amazing, customers are more likely to return for a quality drink and become regular patrons.

4. Affordable And Clear Pricing

A lot of people agree that good and affordable pricing is important. Coffee shops should consider their target market and what price range is considered affordable for them.

Some people even suggested displaying their prices and promotion outside of their shops so that people can notice and be interested.

However, one person also noted that prices should come on par with the quality of the drink or food. If it’s high quality and truly taste good, then people would find the price worth it.

5. Malaysian Concept

One user thinks that there are too many hipster cafes nowadays. The local’s palette should be taken into consideration. As we’re Asian, the real concept of ‘kedai kopi‘ or Kopitiam should be highlighted.


In fact, some netizens even suggested mixing the concept of a hipster cafe and ‘warung‘. In the end, Asian food and drinks will always be at heart no matter how modernized or westernised we are.

6. Promotion

One person gave an interesting idea for promotion by doing events to entice customers to their coffee shops.

Credit: WORQ / FlySpaces

For example, activities like speed dating, write-up groups, language exchange venues, karaoke nights, and game nights are some of the events that a cafe can do to attract recognition of the place and at the same time serve good food and drinks.

7. Convenient Location

Numerous people also agree that the location of the cafes plays a crucial part in attracting customers.

Some hipster cafes open in old buildings which is indeed aesthetic but customers would have to spend a good amount of time to find available parking spaces. Parking spaces should be accessible, safe and spacious to accommodate a good number of customers.

Credit: @aimanzom / Twitter

It’s also a bonus point if the cafe is in proximity to residential areas, accessible via public transportation and within walking distance from points of interest.

In short, every business has its own way of thriving but suggestions from customers can go a long way. Who knows, these tips might help you gain more traction and boost sales.

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