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[Watch] 10 Chinese New Year Ads That Will Make You Want To ‘Balik Kampung’ Now

[Watch] 10 Chinese New Year Ads That Will Make You Want To ‘Balik Kampung’ Now

These CNY ads remind everyone that we’re all stronger and better together.

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Chinese New Year can bring bittersweet memories for some of us. Some of us might miss our loved ones terribly because we’ve been apart for some time.

To cheer ourselves up, here are some inspiring short film ads which will make you tear up and laugh.

1. Gamuda Land – Key To Happiness

While forced to do spring cleaning with her mother in preparation for Chinese New Year, Leah finds a long-forgetten key that opens the doors to her happiest places. She realizes that sometimes, the happiest places are right there waiting at home.

2. Digi – The Undivided Heart

The moving ad tells how accepting changes can be unpleasant but we can do anything as long as the family sticks together. The story follows a girl who runs a family restaurant with her relatives after her parents passed. After a chaotic day at the restaurant resulting in a family rift, she tries to mend family wounds starting with her uncle.

3. TNB – WonderFu Fortune

The day starts with Aunty Choi doing her new year shopping at a mall. However, a series of bad luck happened to her there. Feeling dejected, she tells the family that she refuses to join in the celebration with them. Little did she know, the family has a plan to turn around her luck.

4. Grab – Ah Ma Knows Best!

All Ah Ma wants is just a simple reunion dinner with yee sang, but of course, the family always has different ideas of what makes their own selection of yee sang “the best”…

5. RHB – A Spark For Change

The story for the ad was inspired by 10 children in Teluk Intan, Perak who organised themselves to clean up their fishing village when it faced a waste management crisis. The story follows a father who reflects on the amazing power of change a child can spark. Change can start with just one person who believes in it.

6. Eu Yan Sang- Cherish Reunion

The pandemic has separated families for almost two years due to prolonged lockdowns and travel restrictions. This new year, Eu Yan Sang reminds families to cherish their family reunions and bring back a gift of gratitude after not seeing each other for a long time.

7. Julie’s Biscuits – The Worst Feng Shui Master

Mr Wong can never seem to get his feng shui predictions right ever since he lost his lucky jade ring. If being made fun of by neighbours and friends was bad, being made fun of on live TV is worst. However, his fortunes might change when a new opportunity is presented to him.

8. 988 – Good Days To Come

Just as it’s said in the title, bad times will pass and good days will come. The employees of a Chinese restaurant are dejected because sales haven’t been great. Even when they tried to implement new changes to stir up business, it was a difficult journey. When all hope seems lost, another chance comes knocking.

9. JinnyboyTV – A CNY Reunion Disaster… Almost

The Kam family is all about keeping up with traditions that bring prosperity. When a restaurant reservation was mixed up, the family panics when their annual tradition has been derailed. Will their quest to regain prosperity make them lose sight of what’s important in life?

10. Mr DIY- Family

Family isn’t always blood; it’s the people in it. In this ad, we follow the lives of three people who head home to celebrate the new year with their Chinese mother. The video intersperses past memories and the love among their multiracial family continuing in the present time.

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